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Hello all! 

THESIS TOPIC HELP!  I'm looking to get some input as I begin my 5th and final thesis year.  Throw anything out that comes to mind.  I have some decent ideas but want more perspectives and ideas to blend in!

I would like to do innovative and interdisciplinary research following mainly these two criteria (in order of importance):

1. I would like to blend this architectural thesis with Real Estate and Land Development themes.

2. I would hopefully like to be able to work with a topic applicable to the real world (i.e. a current design competition, an industry project, real built structure.

I have no further parameters as I'm just beginning my research for the year.  Thanks a lot.


Sep 26, 18 7:29 pm
Non Sequitur

Neither of those are thesis topics.... they are very vague research directions at best.  Here's a hint:  You're in school to learn and produce work, not lazily crowd-source your homework.

Here what you should do, in order of importance:

  1.  Learn what a real academic thesis is.
  2. See if point 1 applies to whatever it is you're responsible to complete
  3. Realize that you've confused the term thesis with a 5th-year honors project
  4. Pick program, pick a site, design something interesting and unique
  5. Graduate and stop being so lazy

Sep 26, 18 10:53 pm  · 
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Sep 27, 18 4:30 pm  · 

Noah, maybe built an ark because it seems you're drowning.

Sep 27, 18 2:55 am  · 
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Maybe architecture isn't for you if you can't even come up with a thesis idea.

Sep 27, 18 6:38 am  · 

these are funny, ya im 5 years into school, worked at 3 firms, think i know what im after

Sep 27, 18 4:42 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

And... how many years or real world experience do you have working in those 3 firms? You’re looking at real issues if you’re to debate building lifespans and construction costs. Hard to see how you can make something out of it unless you’ve worked long enough to see the issue in practice.

Sep 27, 18 5:36 pm  · 

It's not a great idea to ask online strangers for a thesis project.  Some ideas for you:

Have you talked to classmates?  Often they can be a great sounding board for ideas and direction.  My classmates and I did this often, even past general ideas, to help keep motivated and to break you out of the thesis blinders. 

Have you talked to a professor you've worked with and enjoyed?  Sometimes they can help point you to resources to find a direction.

Have you been to your school's library and read some articles about the topics you mention to see what the leading issues are?  Talk to someone actually working in land development and real estate to see what they face. 

Sep 27, 18 8:36 am  · 

Clearly stated I have decent ideas, guess I didnt state my question well. Just putting all my feelers put as its the first week of a year long study, all peers are still figuring out what they want to spend a free year of study on. thanks for your honest answer tho, I appreciate your lack of sass

Sep 27, 18 4:45 pm  · 

Thesis: A Definitive Survey, Categorical Analysis, and Conceptual Framework for developing Architectural Thesis topics.

Fully illustrated of course, with references to Stephen Hawking - “In order to understand recursion one must first understand recursion.”

Sep 27, 18 11:29 am  · 

real estate and land development is why the world hates architects. 

Sep 27, 18 11:37 am  · 

real estate and land development are why architects have jobs

Sep 27, 18 4:40 pm  · 

Wow hahaha, some aggressive people here.  Yes I've talked to classmates, yes I've talked to professors, this is just one more resource.  Were half a week into a year long study, just looking for more angles. Clearly not the place to look, y'all need to settle down.

My current thoughts are to examine the longevity and durability of structures in modern North America.  To examine why most commercial buildings only have a service lifespan of about 60 years.  Then I want to try to understand better why developers don't invest on the front end of a project to create a more durable project.  What, if anything, could be gained for a developer with a project site that would not need a demo/rebuild within half a century.

I said no further parameters to leave it somewhat open ended for your opinions. Many more ideas along these lines but ima save it, don't think I'll use this site again. No thanks.

Sep 27, 18 4:39 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Happy to see that you have a sense of humour, however, 10

Sep 27, 18 5:32 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Seconds worth of reasearch in the forum history would show why you got this reception.

Sep 27, 18 5:33 pm  · 

The answers to your topic are easy enough, go read books about building (product) from the perspective of developers. As you are hearing, coming here and asking random foke for ideas - when you didn’t even put forth your own interests - can can be counterproductive. Furthermore, it can derail you in your own process. Also, if you’d pause and really look at what you’ve written, the building life span topic covers those two points you were looking to address. Time to comb the resource centers.

Aug 23, 19 7:18 am  · 

I finished my thesis about a month ago and these are my 2 cents:

1.Try to explore something locally: Thesis require a great amount of writing time and design. If you try solving design problems for people in other continents or countries you will undoubtedly have to travel and stay a good amount of time in the place you are researching in order to explore various ideas. This will cost you a lot of valuable time and money.

2.You can explore architectural motifs and explore architecture for architecture sake: You don't have to solve the worlds crisis' in your thesis, no one is expecting this. They just want to know that you can make a relevant question and answer it using the method schools has already thought you. 

3.Like what you're investigating: You're probably going to be working on your thesis for a minimum of 1 academic year (1 semester for investigating and 1 for designing), be sure it's something that you like to read about because even what you like will get boring fast. 

Jul 30, 21 7:34 am  · 
Not seeing any direction based on your interests. Real estate and land development? Ok what about it? Pro formas? ROI? What about it? And I dont understand at all what your conveying in item 2. If this is an architecture thesis your naturally developing an idea for the real world already. What are you getting at? What I gathered is you want to do something that makes you stand out and demonstrates a broad amount of research and application towards and an architectural idea. Now what!? Just do another shipping container project….
Aug 5, 21 9:45 pm  · 

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