Best Project Management Training - Opinions?


I'm licensed and have been practicing for 10 years. However, I think I need to grow my project management skills. 

For example, creating a realistic schedule or fee proposal, past guessing and hoping my guess was correct. 

My firm pays for continuing education - I have about $700 available. Are there any resources you'd suggest as truly helpful in growing project management skills? Official AIA/HSW courses are a plus as I need those, but I'm more interested in useful content. 

Thanks in advance!

Sep 12, 18 12:44 pm

Hard knocks.  That can cost a lot more than $700 though.

Sep 12, 18 7:39 pm
Mr. Astaire

I took the PSMJ Project Management Bootcamp and thought it was very helpful. I think it's around $1,500...

Sep 12, 18 11:30 pm

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