I want to become a librarian


Hi everyone. I went to school for architecture and I ended up working at a civil engineering firm that specialize in telecommunications. 

I learned so many thing about myself in the short time working in architecture and that is I can no longer sit at a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

In order for me to get back on track with doing something I love. I have been doing some research in different fields. One in particular is to become a librarian and someday become a college librarian in an architecture division of a school. When I look online I read that they need librarians but even some people say, well everything is online wouldn't libraries be on it's way out? 

I had a hard think and I say no. We all know how finicky the internet is as well as delicate. Libraries if not remaining a social space will be become the physical archive of all writings. They will become the most precious thing ever. All the things online can become obsolete with a simple switch of a button. It may not be that simple for a library. Even though we have clouds, all those things can only be accessed by a powered device. 

I hope we can see the value in libraries and with that being said I think I want to be a librarian. What do you think?


My back up is a bankruptcy lawyer. I know this one is more sitting at a computer and reading books but it will be the career to have when the next recession hits. I am thinking of the future with what ever my next step is. 

Jul 28, 18 9:39 pm

My partner is a librarian.  The job these days is about half IT specialist and half teaching people how to use media.  Since your goal is to not sit in front of a computer all day, this may not be the greatest fit.

You pretty much need a masters in library science for any librarian position beyond small-town community library - even for elementary school librarians.  There are a very limited number of universities that have a separate, dedicated architecture library - so the number of job openings for that specialty would be pretty small. 

Jul 29, 18 10:55 am

Thank you for your reply.

If you are a city librarian, good luck working with the homeless, etc., which use the public library as a cooling station, bathroom or place to shoot drugs or sleep.

Think twice about your wish.

Jul 29, 18 8:27 pm

I am hoping to become a librarian in a college. Not sure that is happening there but thank you for the warning I see it as well.


Hello Nyander, 

What would you think about the case of an individual who earned a degree in architecture, worked in the profession for several years, and then worked in historic preservation and downtown revitalization for a number of years, and finally began teaching architecture as a full time architectural school faculty member before accepting the opportunity of becoming the head librarian of the school of architecture? Or another/other people who have come to the same place in their career - teaching architectural history before becoming a librarian in a school of architecture, etc. A degree in architecture can prepare you to be a great librarian, and if you wanted to matriculate a degree in library science - good for you - then you will be a faculty member and not staff - but staff has it's benefits also. Hope this helps! Your knowledge of architectural literature and 'canonical teaching materials/books' would give you the edge........        

Jul 30, 18 11:24 am

That is interesting. I have thought about preservation but I do not think it is a big thing where I live. 

Thank you for your thought and encouragement. I am feeling more and more confident about this career path. 


"that is I can no longer sit at a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. " 

Wait, isn't this what librarians do?

Now that I have gotten that facetious comment out the way, I have seen librarians do a lot more these days, especially in the newly revamped libraries around LA. These go from managing 3d printing "maker" labs, audio and sensory labs etc. to a lot more. But I bet its tough to get in. Something about supply and demand.

Jul 31, 18 8:57 pm

Librarian do not spend 8 hours a day on a computer, maybe 3 hours or 4 hours but not 8 hours like I do currently. Thank you for your thoughts.


You're so welcome nyander! Follow your interests and your passion(s) and you can't go wrong. I'm not saying there are not times and places where, on that path, you do stuff you would rather not do, but it's all part of the journey. What is amazing is that Librarians have one of the best jobs around, if they love books and archives, research, and a quiet place to be everyday. But by no means should it be construed to be an 'isolation cell' - lots of neat interaction with faculty, guests, students, etc., particularly if you love helping/assisting others. There can be, however, some jobs within Library Science that are like what sameolddoctor is mentioning - everything I'm writing about speaks to a library head, assistant, or supervisor. Try to work as a Work Study first, see how you like it. My uncle was a librarian, and did some neat work, even overseas, during the post-1966 Flood of Florence, and later went on to some neat and impressive positions, if I may say so. I could never hold a candle to his knowledge of literature, architecture, and the fine arts. Best to you nyander!   

Aug 1, 18 7:38 am
Dr. Architecture

Perhaps contact AASL for more information.


Aug 3, 18 11:44 am

I checked it out. Thank you.

Realize that the Desire you have is the problem for your happiness. Once you realize this "desire" is in your way then you may awake, and you will be much happier.

Aug 11, 18 4:40 pm

A lot of jobs require you sitting in front of a computer.  A lawyer or a librarian.  If you can't, maybe you are not meant to be an employee.  Run your own business.

Aug 14, 18 2:07 am

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