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I am a recent architecture graduate. I had worked with an architecture firm previously for 6 months. Currently, i am working with an interior designer who is my friend's cousin. He said he would teach me the practical aspects of the project. With him, i am getting to design, execute and manage vendors. Also, i am getting to learn to solve practical problems faced on site with his help. Though i am getting to learn a lot, i am distanced away from architectural projects. I am confused. I don't know whether i should keep working with the interior designer or look for a job in an architecture firm.

Ultimately, i wish to be able to undertake all architectural and interior design work. 

I need your honest advice. Please help.

Jul 18, 18 2:39 pm
Non Sequitur

Architecture is much more difficult and intensive than Int Des but managing projects and clients remains reasonably similar.  Take all the hands-on experience you can in this int des gig and use that to get an advantage once you see an opening.

Jul 18, 18 2:47 pm
wurdan freo

Dammit non...

Non Sequitur

Sorry, I'm all out of sass today it seems.\

wurdan freo

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Jul 18, 18 2:49 pm

I'd start looking for options.  You're learning valuable things with this individual.  But, architects don't always think the most highly of interior designers.  I wouldn't stick around long enough for that label to start applying, if it were me.  

Jul 18, 18 2:50 pm

Good thing no one thinks highly of Architects either, its a lose lose situation!


A lot of architectural firms actually have in house interior designers. I would work there long enough to apply yourself and advance your skill set without getting too comfortable. You can probably learn a lot from them in terms of design so use that to your advantage. int design is something that can just become intuitive rather than educated. When you're ready, look for jobs at an architectural office that also has interiors and you push that as part of your skillset with the eventual goal of managing your own projects and using the interiors as a supplement to the design process. If you feel like your lacking in terms of the architectural aspects then you can go somewhere that will give you both. 

Jul 19, 18 9:27 am

Don't get stuck in the service end of architecture and interior design (both can be extremely stressful, time wasting, no appreciation and very little money). Once you feel you've learn all you wanted, go into real estate, save some money and go to the developer end. You can do both interior and architecture for yourself, sell your property and make some money.

Jul 20, 18 7:03 pm

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