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I'm a middle-aged artist and I'm thinking about a major career change. I've always been interested in astronomy and once had a telescope. Also I've read thousands of science fiction novels and seen just about every scifi movie ever made. Not only that but I am very artistic, skilled with color, and detail-oriented. I really want to be an astronaut and think my qualifcations are perfectly suited for that. How would I go about preparing to be an astronaut? What school has the best astronaut program? Will I be able to work part-time while attending (I still have to make a living)? Are there student loans and grants available? Can I work at NASA and learn while I earn?

Thank you.

Jun 13, 18 5:29 pm

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Defecating and urinating on yourself while lying in bed would be excellent preparation for wearing a space suit in a zero gravity environment.

Jun 13, 18 6:16 pm

you could try astrologer.  that's pretty much the same thing.

Jun 13, 18 8:09 pm

Madame Miles.


I just read my horoscope. Dead on.


Try tarot. It works.


i ching too


Write sci-fi graphic novels.

Jun 13, 18 8:30 pm
You forgot to ask if there were any shorter, alternative routes to becoming an astronaut, because you also heard it takes a long time but you feel like you don’t really need to go through all of that, just the important bits.
Jun 13, 18 8:56 pm

Don't forget to tell us all how much we suck.

Jun 13, 18 9:43 pm

There's something I'm eternally thankful for, that the east coast is far far away.


Hey don't do that. That 'toxic' guy got banned.


oh AlinaF. bless your heart. toxic is what we do here.


Enter the video game design/development field. There is ways to use your knowledge and skills in creative ways as well. If you toy into sci-fi, you can apply this with VR technology or even augmented reality technology and have ways to go into this field. 

If you are really interested in NASA.

Miles, getting into NASA to become an astronaut won't be easy.

I suggest you prepare your body with Gravitron amusement ride and High-g roller coasters. Take a ride on Gold Reef City's Tower of Terror. If you can handle this without passing out or puking with good walking stability and not being dizzy or other side effects. Ride through it about 5 or 10 times. If you have not had any issue of becoming nauseated or any other side effects without wearing a pressurized suit, you'll be fairly ready for handling NASA space launch and normal reentry. This ride is 6.3 G. Work toward testing yourself so that if you can do this 5-10 times a day then to 5-10 times in a 4 hour window then to maybe 5-10 times in a two hour window. When you can go through 20 times a day for 5 days straight without serious ill effects. This would need to be documented by a medically trained observer. If you can have this data to show you are physically in good condition... good. Remember, John Glenn back in the Mercury 7 program was tested up to 15G conditions. 

Another thing to test yourself, for weightlessness, ride the Superman: Escape from Krypton. 6.5 seconds of ballistic weightlessness. Do it several times. This needs to be documented. If you can document (with a third-party documenting observer) and show you aren't having ill effects, I think you maybe able to physically handle to conditions of space launch and normal reentry. It would be a good initial indicator that you could prove to yourself (at the least) that you are able to handle some of the basic conditions. They will have to test you further to their satisfaction but with these rides, it's an initial indicator. Several tests to show. Another thing is if you take these rides as a program to prepare your body because you won't normally be experiencing this on a regular basis but to meet NASA, you'll be ran through these kinds of test so to be sure your physical health is reliable.

If a roller coaster or amusement rides causes you to puke, black out or g-LOC or otherwise, it is not a good idea to go into space with typical space launch platforms.

Bottom line: You'll need to experience 3+ G force on a significant period. It is something you'll need to experience your body to and prepare it. It isn't like the occupation of architecture is going to be commonly experiencing high g conditions that resembles the conditions experienced in space flight missions.


Jun 13, 18 10:09 pm



Hey Rick. I want to open a nail salon/bakery/crematory. Can you help?


if you have the heat, use it. i'm sure you could get a leed point.

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Miles, that sounds like a lot of effort just for a few pieces of nasa paper.  Perhaps you should focus all your energy for the next decade in locating jurisdictions with lesser, or non existant astronaut requirements and claim membership.

Jun 13, 18 10:14 pm

if he knows the canada astronaut requirements well enough, i'm sure he could become an astronaut in sweden

Non Sequitur

does Miles sport a moustache and have a fondness for playing some Bowie in a zero gravity environment?


It's a lot of work and having a physical fitness is important because they want to be sure if you have a heart attack that it is on the gorund.


rick, miles isn't going to be an astronaut.


i love bowie though. great link non. makes me want to join nasa as a summer intern so they'll send me to the international space station for a couple weeks.


The comity application in Minnesota, a fucking nightmare.


elaborate. Just for good old fashion Archinect sake. My first impression upon looking.... it's holy shit !!!!

Non Sequitur

I win feature comment!



Jun 14, 18 6:21 am

7/10. It should be "advise" in the title and written in very poor English.

Jun 14, 18 8:39 am

Why should it be written in poor English? Advice is correct in murica.



I’d consider enrolling in a Mars Habitat experiment. Even in qualifying for on of those experiments in Hawaii, would give you a better sense of the process for actual space travel.

Now, image an entire habitat made up of just architects... it’s like the setting for a modernized Murder on the Orient Express.

Jun 14, 18 8:55 am

Or not...


just do it

Jun 14, 18 10:12 am

What's a career anyway? Like a race?


the best way to prepare for any "mid-life" career change is physical fitness - refer to USMC boot camp PT procedures - you need to toughen yourself up first: joining the Corp. may not be viable - but you can go to boot camp

I worked in one office, and the two principals were in Boot camp - we have several here in San Francisco - there may be one in the town where you live -  worth it - SF is tough,because they make you run up steep hills and do pushups at each street intersection - its actually tougher than than Marines in that respect

Jun 14, 18 12:06 pm

All you really need to explore the stars is some alone time and a sheet of LSD...

Jun 14, 18 4:27 pm
Non Sequitur
Praise the all mighty invisible green archinect floating head for zapping my most recent doppelgänger.
Jun 14, 18 5:25 pm

AMEN! They got memo.

Non Sequitur

Nope, the wanker is back.

My God, it's full of stars!

Jun 14, 18 5:26 pm


What a fantastic post. Once again thanks for laugh Miles
Jun 14, 18 6:01 pm

so is someone trying to make miles not like NS?  that's just weird.

Jun 14, 18 11:42 pm
Non Sequitur

Miles thinks it’s that Aussie wanker Trek.

Isn't that the moron who designed a shed addition out of 2x3's with posts every meter and couldn't figure out why the engineer said it wouldn't work?

Non Sequitur

The same shed with the awkward skylight framing, yes.

Le Courvoisier
Miles, I hear there is good money in being a fluffer.
Jun 15, 18 12:14 am

I'd rather get fluffed.



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