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Hi Everyone,

I am planning to take my Exac Exam this year and would like to ask anybody who are interested to form a study group or knows an existing study group for the upcoming EXAC exam here in Toronto/ GTA? Aside from the sample questionnaire in the Exac website, I have no idea how will the exam/ questionnaires be like for the other sections. It would be nice to get some input from other interns on how they tackle situational questions pertaining to NBC, Programming through Construction administration, contracts, etc. 

Maybe we can set-up a meeting once or twice a month to connect and compare notes/ideas or web base meeting/forum to discuss what we know about the possible items that would come up in each sections of the exam.

I know this is too early to ask anyone to join in. Since there's a lot of references to review and analyse, and the summer season is the busiest schedule for all of us, I thought it would be a good idea to start the review. If you are interested to join or have other ideas on how to connect, please let me know. Thank you.

May 24, 18 9:52 pm
Non Sequitur

Jen, the ExACs are set up in a way that makes studying unnecessary since they are competence based tests, not memorization. They are also super easy if you've taken your internship period seriously.

Outside of reading through CHOP and both NBC volumes, you're best bet is to grab a full project spec and code review from a past project and ask questions related to that particular project to those who took part of it from design to occupancy.

If you know how to practice, you don't need to study for the ExACs.

You can also use the forum search function and see all previous GTA ExAC study group requests.

May 25, 18 7:57 am

Thank you for the response. I understand that ExAC exam is experience based but what I am curious about is to know what items came out on the questionnaires.


I was told that there's about 150 questions for section 1 that nwe


Sorry, I keep on hitting the enter thus I have a lot of replies.(Still new to this forum) Anyway, for section 1, I was tod


There's about 150 questions that needs to be answered within 3 hrs. Some items were about LEED, costing, architect's fee, ccdc contracts, and some from DK Ching books. I agree with you that ExAC exam is not about memorizing and it is more on the experience based. But I think, some interns, do need some help on some topics; for example: NBC code review - we know that a lot of us have issue with code interpretation; LEED - not all interns were given a chance to practice these therefore its basically reading a little bit about it and getting some input from others may be helpful. Etc.


I also did read some of the advise from the previous forum. Based from those feedback, I thought would it be a good idea to have us (intern) study and analyse a certain project, have a discussion of the process - from the beginning to end. From RFP, programming thru project closing. Your thoughts on this one?

Non Sequitur

Jen, the reply option sucks and you can’t use paragraphs unless you edit after posting. Anyways, 2 of the exams are multiple choice, roughly 115-140ish questions. The other 2 are a combination of multiple, T or F, short answer and red line markups. For example, you won’t be asked to fill in LEED sheets but you may be asked more generic best practice type questions related to sustainability. I agree that these are subjectif but they are minor compared to the other questions. One of the more difficult things is time. It takes time to fill in the bubbles so you have more like 2.5hr to answer.

Non Sequitur

As for the other areas, if you have been on the production side of project more than the client or consultant coordination, CHOP will be your base for study. This is the focus of the last test and it is best to prepare for by talking to your project architects.


This is my one gripe with the tests, now that I'm likely going to be taking both the ARE and EXAC. The arguement that one should just know the answers is mildly frustrating, to say the least. Exam prep seems like a very reasonable methodology to approach the licensing; the fact that its ostensibly discouraged doesn't make sense. I dont entirely see it as a 'memorization' thing, but rather a tool to give a hierarchy of the knowledge base required for professional accreditation, not a comprehensive brick of facts. The hell I'm going to memorize a goddamn NBC book !

Just venting.

May 25, 18 3:13 pm
Non Sequitur

Bench, since I’m not anonymous to you, shoot me a note when you’re ready and I’ll help you out. As for memorizing the NBC, you do realize that’s it’s an open book test right? You bring your own code books complete with whatever margin notes and post-it tags.


I agree. Memorization is not required. I believe its more on familiarity of the process. I think, having a peer to review the process with is helpful in preparing for the exam.

Cheers NS much appreciated, I’ll gladly take you up on that when I return to canuckistan.

It’s more of a venting than anything. I understand the argument that the exams should be based around understanding systems and processes instead of memorising facts. I agree with that altruism in terms of a professional licensing body. My frustration is that I refuse to accept that it should be mutually exclusive from a study-based approach, should I choose that as my method of preparation for the exams. There are clearly defined things I need to know to pass the exac. I want to be able to understand those on my own time if needed, so that I can apply them and ask the right questions in professional settings.

The ARE has come along just fine with a plethora of third-party study materials; I reject the idea that the exac can’t do the same.
May 26, 18 10:45 pm

Exac 2018, I am planning to take my Exac exam this year. if anyone interested to form a study group, I will be interested to join.

Jun 5, 18 4:51 am
Frank Lloyd

I am also interested

Non Sequitur

cool story bro.



I am interested 

Jul 17, 18 3:20 pm

I want to know if 

all the questions have the same score?

Do the questions have a negative score ,if we choose the wrong answer?

Jul 17, 18 3:26 pm
Non Sequitur

I do not believe the ExACs are graded with negative points for incorrect answers. Note that some of the questions require short/long written answers.


Thank you 

Let's see the other answers

Jul 17, 18 3:57 pm
Non Sequitur

what other answers?


Sorry Answers to my questions.

I asked 2 questions. The other one has not been answered yet.

If all the scores are the same?

Also I want to know we have to read and learn how to use the NBC in parts 3 and 9 as an intern Architect or all parts are necessary to learn?

Jul 17, 18 4:05 pm
Non Sequitur

You need to learn & understand all parts of the NBC included in the 2 volumes and dont forget CHOP.  Notice the bold.  Reading is not sufficient enough. Start by reading the posts at the beginning of this thread.  Loads of information there.

 There are 2 exams in each format (2 as scantron multiple choice and 2 as short answer) . The number of actuall questions vary depending on the subject with multiple choice exams having more questions (from my memory).


Thank you so much.

Jul 17, 18 4:35 pm

anyone here familiar to use the rsmeans cost data? 

Aug 5, 18 10:02 am
Non Sequitur

Sure, the tables are explained in the front end of the documents. What does this have to do with the ExACs?


I’m interested in joining the study group! Darn the exam prep material is driving me crazy already. There is so much to read.

Aug 8, 18 9:30 pm
Ms naseem


I am also interested in joining study group for Exac preparation.Is there any female study group available?Any idea?

Aug 30, 18 12:01 pm
Ms naseem

There are four exams in total. Are all the exams pactical based or anyone is theory based also?One of these is called Final project.What is that? Is this a skecthing or designing sheet in the test?.An exam is called IAP. It is theoretical right?

Aug 30, 18 12:17 pm
Non Sequitur

There is zero design or sketching in any of the ExAc exams. They are all competence based and are either all multiple-choice questions (scantron) or a combination with short-answer sections (+\-3 paragraph answers). You have about 2 months left if you've singed up for the 2018 session... this is not something you should leave to the last minute.


Does anybody know if there's a question about the Management of Practice in the exac exam? Like succession of practice, marketing, accounting, HR, etc?

Sep 7, 18 9:54 pm
Non Sequitur

Yes, several in fact. Read your CHOP and survey your prof-prac notes from school.

edit.  Likely in the 4th exam and multiple choice instead of short answer.  From what I recall, a few questions regarding practice in general.


Thanks. Unfortunately, i don't have any prof prac notes from school. Will figure it out.


Any practise questions available? 

I am unable to gauge my understanding of how prepared I am for the test, any tips?

Sep 8, 18 1:25 pm
Non Sequitur

no. There is specifically no prep questions officially available.


Does anyone know if there will be questions about specific mechanical systems or is it more general like electric heating system vs water heating systems? This is engineering systems section is giving me major anxiety. I am just wondering how detailed my knowledge needs to be and if we need to know how exactly each electrical/water/air heating distribution system functions.

Oct 7, 18 10:54 pm

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone ask for review after failing EXAC, apparently The purpose of the request for review is to verify that there was no issue with the original marking, but I would like to know if anyone had any experienced that.


Mar 20, 19 1:09 pm
Non Sequitur

There is a process available if you feel you were incorrectly graded. Hard to imagine it's very popular given the pass rate is +\-85% tho. Call the ExAC and ask what their over-turn rate is.


Does the exam require the use of Part 3 as well as Part 9 of the NBC?

Oct 14, 19 10:17 pm
Non Sequitur

Of course it does.

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