I am looking around for some people I can have a dialogue with that are already connected to accredited Universities that offer graduate degrees in Architecture.  I am not promoting CSI membership or registration for their accreditations. I am certain that it might be a byproduct of establishing a fairly standardized curriculum. The Academic Resources Committee does have some capability to assist in efforts that might be undertaken for an organized effort to promote that some classes should be offered that improve students knowledge base.  It is not a sure thing that I could access them, but I would be willing to give it a shot.  We need to talk about how to approach Deans and Department heads, and what kind of resources that CSI could offer as incentives.  I personally work with the alumni association to get into the classroom, but there must be a variety of ways to get there.

May 23, 18 1:16 pm
Non Sequitur


May 23, 18 1:18 pm

Methinks yet another education start-up like tophat, but with a really bad model.

May 23, 18 2:53 pm

I have no idea what either of those comments mean, but we are academics because we usually try to construct complete and meaningful sentences.  I am looking for teachers, who are connected to accredited Universities.  I want to try to enlarge the curriculum to include something besides art history, and hand drawing.  Non Sequitur obviously stakes a reputation for saying things that have no relationship to anything. 

The design professional’s standard of care is generally based on the performance of others characterized as the “reasonable”, “ordinary”, or “average” design professional, and not on internal or personal capabilities.  So the Architects in his neighborhood must really be ordinary.

May 23, 18 7:30 pm
Non Sequitur

I only speak the truth, like jesus, only minus all the molestations.


don’t listen to these people, most of them are senile old men, who are bitter their careers never took off. 

I’ve recently been appointed to a teaching position at a major uni. I will be teaching a comprehensive course and feel this falls inline with that. 

Feel free to contact me through my website HERE

May 23, 18 7:52 pm

It sent me to your video, not your website. Email me at I hope to develop a group think, and kind of a algorithm that could be applied to approach some Department heads.

Non Sequitur

The link works now, try it again.


Thanks for that Rick!

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