RIBA Part 3 overseas


Hi, I graduated from the UK and was posted out to Hong Kong and have worked there since.

I tried to understand a bit more about the RIBA Part 3 in HK, but it seems like an office-based exam, which my small-medium sized office has told me such option is unavailable. 

I also looked into joining a Part 3 course with a UK University, but it seems none of them takes overseas student on a part-time basis, even if I could fly for lectures during some periods of the year.

A bit stuck, not sure what to do.

Apr 22, 18 11:59 pm

I'd love to be "stuck" working in Hongkong...

Apr 23, 18 6:23 am  · 

Hey Ivan, same situation here. But I am based in Singapore. I think office based exam is not a complicated procedure. May be try explaining to your office? If not, I would search for an office who are willing to support you with Part 3 process. Let me know if you managed to take Part 3 course in HK. I have plenty of questions  as well. 

Sep 11, 19 8:13 am  · 

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