MLA Cornell vs. Vtech


I've been accepted to a few MLA programs for this fall and I think I have narrowed it down to Cornell and Virginia Tech. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? I also have UW on the list, but I live in Pennsylvania so it's a big location change and I have received no funding (other than loans)... any ideas anyone has to find assistantships there (or at Cornell) would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a little bit about me and my decision:

-Undergrad in Environmental Studies; generally interested in urban agriculture and urban design, as well as the relationships between human health and the built/designed environment

-I have visited both and liked the atmosphere of both programs. I was particularly impressed with Cornell's resources (compared to VT at the WAAC), and the option to "focus" or take some courses in the school of Design & Enviro Analysis. At VT, I liked the collaborative environment with the Arch and Planning students, as well as Alexandria and the opportunities in the D.C. metro area.

-As of now, no assistance from Cornell. VT has offered me a first year assistantship which covers most of tuition, and then I hope to apply for residency for the second two years. 

Any thoughts at all are greatly appreciated!

Mar 21, 18 1:50 pm

I have just now received an acceptance from Cornell for this fall. Would like to know which university you chose and why... 

Feb 8, 19 12:42 am

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