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I am fortunate to have been accepted to YSoA, MIT, and the GSD for their M.Arch I programs this year. The aid offers from the first two are much more substantial than the one from the GSD, so right now I am deciding between Yale and MIT. Unfortunately, both of them scheduled their open house on April 5h - It's almost like I will need to make a decision even before attending the Open House.   

From my understanding, Yale's education focuses more on "Architecture" itself while MIT's program is more interdisciplinary. Yale assembles a group of professors and visiting professors that I would love to have, while MIT has the media lab and the GSD as its neighbor.  

It would be really helpful if someone could give me some insights on their experience of the two schools (around pedagogy, studio culture, employment after graduation.......).

Thank you in advance !!

Mar 17, 18 11:59 am

1) Choose a program that aligns with your academic and professional goals. These three schools already guarantee you sure job opportunities after graduation. But which school/program defines more your interests and what you see yourself doing or focusing on?

2) Choose a program that you'll eventually be able to manage financially after you graduate (assuming you're pulling out a loan + partial scholarship). The cheaper, the better.

I practically just repeated what I commented in this thread: You two should talk. He got in Yale, too.

Mar 17, 18 3:58 pm

One thing to also consider a good deal is location. I have heard New Haven isn't the best place to live (I'm sure its not too bad but this is what I heard from one of my professors), whereas Cambridge has a lot of people raving about it. Worth considering or at least visiting the city you will be living in for 3 years even if you cant make the open house. 

Mar 17, 18 8:03 pm

Now that the GSD has a new chair (Mark Lee) for M.Arch program, not sure where the school is heading to ....

Mar 25, 18 9:23 am

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