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Hi everyone! I was accepted to the post-professional programs at Yale, Cornell, Columbia and Pratt. I am new at the forum but I have already read probably every post here a dozen times regarding this issue and collected as much info online as I could. Still, I have not made a final decision on which program to attend and would like to have updated info/opinions about each school. I am attending the open houses to visit the schools personally and talk to students.

I have a slight impression that the 1 year (3 term) M.S.AAD programs might be a bit too fast/shallow for a Master's degree and for you to make decent contacts with faculty peers and to get a good position after that. It seems more like a way for schools to make money in the shortest period of time as possible. This is my impression and I would like to see arguments against it to prove it's not like that. 

On the other hand, Yale has great reputation. They offer advanced studios with travels abroad in a 4 term/2 years program which costs basically the same as the 1 year options. But why does it appear on the "top universities" ranking much behind the other Ivies? Do they focus on certain aspects in general? How are studio discussions/critics there?

What about life in New Haven and Ithaca?

How is it with employment after graduating from these schools and connections with top offices?

Any thought on the Pratt's M.S.AUD program? Concerned about being too much about parametrics and form.

Anyway, if you have attended these programs, I would love to know your personal experience and thoughts about it.

Mar 17, 18 11:39 am

Well you got into four outstanding schools so in terms of opportunities after you graduate, whichever of the four you end up attending, you pretty much have that covered.

I think what will help you decide is which program aligns with your academic and professional goals. What do you want to commit into doing in an academic environment for the next three-four semesters? What do you want to do eventually in your career after you finished the program? If you can forecast that into your decision-making, then it will be easier for you to pick which school is best for you.

And to echo what everyone in the past threads have also said: consider at what cost also. Whichever of the four you will go, you won't have a problem scoring job opportunities. But these schools don't come cheap, so choose one where you can also manage financially. Good luck!

Mar 17, 18 3:49 pm

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