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My spouse has been accepted to a masters program at McGill and we are planning to move in August. One tiny problem, I don’t speak French (yet) but will need to get a job to support us. I do plan on learning as much as I can before we move, and continue once we arrive, but in the meantime need to find work. I have worked in NYC for 6 years - 4 as an architect and 2 with a GC. I am open to working for either a firm or in the contracting field. 

I know that language laws require fluency in French, but I have heard there are some firms that are not as strict and may operate primarily in English. I’m wondering if anyone has worked at or knows of anywhere that might fit the bill. Again, I am very willing to learn French but need something to tide me over until I get there! 

Thanks in advance for your help! 

Mar 13, 18 12:48 am
Non Sequitur
One can reasonably get by in Montreal without knowing much French however, it is required for any professional service, even private offices. More importantly, if you are looking for reciprocity for your existing license, you will need to pass a French interview and demonstrate competence with technical and construction terms.

The entire construction industry is very French and Quebec offices small. The easiest way in would be to only look at multi national offices that may have projects outside of that province.

I am fuly bilingual and even I try to avoid dealing on site in French. Good luck.
Mar 13, 18 6:51 am

Je ne parle pas français.  But I wish I knew more than my Ontario Grade 9 french class taught me. 

Puis-je aller aux toilettes s'il vous plaît Madam?

Mar 13, 18 11:31 am
Non Sequitur

It's "Madame" but close enough. 8-)


damn my English upbringing

Non Sequitur

no poutine for you


oh no! :sadface:

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