Seeking Book Recommendation for Residential Construction



I work primarily in High end residential construction in NYC. Are there any books I should refer to ? 

I usually get stuck with CODE question end up calling our expeditor. I do not have in-depth construction knowledge . Learning on the fly here !!

Any reference I can get from you Pro's out there so I do not ask dumb questions at work ?

Thank you in advance.

Mar 11, 18 2:14 pm

For typical wood framing methods, check out The Graphic Guide to Frame Construction by Rob Thallon.

For typical systems and finishes, look at Renovation by Litchfield.

For code, you are best off spending an afternoon actually reading your local version of the IRC, but if you need a cheatsheet before you do that look at Code Check: An Illustrated Guide to Building a Safe House.

Mar 11, 18 4:27 pm

Thank you loads! This is super helpful.

Mar 12, 18 10:56 am
Non Sequitur

How can you market yourself as high-end construction even though you know little about, or have little experience?

Mar 12, 18 11:05 am

Hello! I do not have little experience. It is 5 years plus. But this is the first time I am at the front of the line being a PA. So would like read up on construction methods a bit more.


fake it till you make it


Thank you, this is encouraging :)

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