Architecture job in Mumbai India

Hey everyone! I am a BArch, and i completed my graduation last year (2017). I am currently looking for a job in the city of Mumbai, India. I myself reside in Mumbai. I have my portfolio ready. If anybody has any contact or any reference please let me know.
Jan 20, 18 1:30 am
Non Sequitur
This is totally how you look for employment.
Jan 20, 18 7:12 am

Set up a Linkedin or Jobstreet profile (or whatever popular efficient job searching websites in India works best) and search from there. The Archinect job finder is catered mostly for the American job market, so asking or looking for one here won't really get you anywhere. 

Jan 21, 18 3:59 am

Studio Mumbai...obviously...duhh...

Jan 21, 18 2:42 pm

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