The Republican Graduate School Tuition Waiver Tax

How will the Republican tax plan to tax tuition waivers affect your finances if you are an architecture student?

How will this new tax burden on students impact the financial stability of architecture schools where the graduate students often form a major component of the workforce in exchange for tuition waivers and housing assistance?

The republican war on the intelligentsia has begun. Hope we all can survive it.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Dec 4, 17 5:52 pm

That's one way to get more welders and fewer philosophy graduates into the work force. 

Dec 4, 17 6:13 pm
null pointer

Funny, only because most of my friends who majored in philosophy are now silicon valley coders... go figure.


Who have no problem paying back their student loans or covering whatever minor, additional cost this major overhaul of the tax code will provide.


Having met lots of philosophy graduates... overall, I'll take the welders, thanks.

( o Y o )

This war has been going on for a long time. With the consolidation of corporate media and the end of net neutrality all we're missing is suspension of constitutional rights and secret prisons ... oh wait, they've already done that.

Dec 4, 17 7:12 pm

i will get a tax cut under trump so I'm not going to complain. don't really give af about net neturality or mexico so

Dec 4, 17 10:33 pm
On the fence

I don't remember getting a tuition waiver or housing assistance when I went to college.  And somehow I still graduated and then paid off my debt within about 5 years.

Good luck

Dec 5, 17 10:59 am

OTF - Mind telling us what year you went to college

I had a tuition waiver because my step mom was a state university employee. it was 50% of tuition in the late 90s early 2000s. I also had housing assistance as a resident tutor and the RAs on the Architecture and Interiors focused residential floors in the dorms were architecture students as well. This tax would impose a new burden on someone using this kind of financial aide. The GA's that help run lecture courses and do the break out sections for structures courses or other technical subjects get a modest stipend and a tuition waiver. If tuition waivers are no longer a viable means of compensating a huge part of the teaching and supporting workforce in schools of architecture how will they survive economically when the students can't afford to take the tuition waiver as compensation? Also could this tax also apply to scholarships? I think it will be a burden on the profession.

On the fence

Graduated in 1997

Superfluous Squirrel

Around 20% of the students I go to school with get tuition remission for being a GA. I know a couple people who picked this school because they were offered the GA position. 

If schools have to start paying for things like IT and printer support costs for everyone are going to go up.  

Dec 5, 17 12:08 pm

I agree, the added burden of taxes for tuition waivers will require schools to offer larger stipends or to have students take out loans to pay taxes on tuition waivers. Not the best use of resources.


I don't know anything about this provision, and I won't bother learning about it until after the final law is put into effect, but it seems to me that it will be one more fucked up part of the tax code that can't be effectively enforced.  If a tuition waiver is counted as income, what about other discounts that are cemented into our daily lives?  If you get an especially good deal on a car, or grocery store coupons, or whatever, shouldn't that also be counted as a form of income?  You gotta love politicians, cuz you can't kill them.

Dec 5, 17 4:01 pm
Yes exactly what the world needs more welders to be put out of work in the next decade replaced by robots. Less intelligent minds from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds given a chance to solve ever more complicated social problems. A perfect recipe for idiocracy further fueled by an opioid & depression epidemic.
Dec 6, 17 12:34 am

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