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After spending way too much time talking to architects, we came to the conclusion they need a ton of help automating their process. This list we came up with is just preliminary and curated based on our network, but we know there's workflows and software tools that others have used to be successful.

Would love some input from archinect users in how they have (ab)used software to make their work more efficient!

Oct 12, 17 4:08 pm

I do AutoCAD Architecture instead of Sketchup & Revit.

I mean I still have Sketchup, but it is mostly redundant given AA.

LT is ridiculous. Why do anything 2D at this point.

Oct 12, 17 6:28 pm

Interesting, I haven't used Autocad Architecture in 8 years. Curious how the 3D compares to Revit?

But at $130/mo, I think it's probably worth the extra $120/mo to upgrade to Revit and get the benefits of BIM features?

Oct 12, 17 7:06 pm

I hate Revit. I like the concept of Revit but the reality as created by users is something else. When I see a set of docs that were produced in Revit I usually want to vomit. AA is about as good as it was in 2005-2007, when it was called ADT. I mean most architecture is rectangular boxes. Not rocket science. And for the NURBS stuff I use Rhino. But most people just need boxes.


Curious how large your firm is? Most of our conversations are with folks in the range of 5-50 sizewise. 

That said yea I'm a boxes are all you need kinda guy. When we worked in China for a summer we shipped so many buildings via Sketchup models, it was seriously devastating to our psyche. Why make details? These folks can build from half finished SU models!

Oct 14, 17 12:13 am

Just me, I have a remote associate in AZ.

I typically hand sketch details, for 29 years now.

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