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Mr. Astaire


I've been at my current job for about 5 years and am currently making the transition to a project manager. I've been managing 2-4 junior level staff on various size projects from 6,000 sqft office TIs to 60,000 sqft, 100 unit, multifamily housing projects.

With this transition into project management, I'm finding it difficult to clearly convey the project goals, timeline, technical details and code requirements to junior staff.

Does anyone have any architecture specific recommendations for reading material or online training classes that would better prepare me for a project manager role? I've talked with my employer about my concerns and they have agreed to help me financially with training but are not very helpful beyond that. I've found courses through PSMJ but suspect they are too expensive for my company or myself to fund. Any advise wouls be greatly appreciated. 

Oct 7, 17 2:40 am

I'd recommend identifying a mentor and talking with him or her about your transition to a PM as your first priority.  Finding training materials could be a good supplement to what you discuss with a mentor.  A mentor can offer real, specific advice tailored to your needs, and it'll probably be a better use of your time.  

I have a mentor who does not work on my project who has about twenty years' more experience than I do.  She offers just as much advice on people ops and communication as she does on scheduling, budgeting, and technical planning.  It's way better use of my time learning from her and discussing my project specifics than reading or online training which I prefer for purely technical topics.

Oct 7, 17 12:30 pm

excellent advice, mentors are important

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