culture in architectural design


how important is culture in architectural design nowadays.

Sep 13, 17 2:32 pm
Non Sequitur

it depends.

Sep 13, 17 3:13 pm

or in general

Sep 13, 17 3:49 pm


Sep 13, 17 4:21 pm

Doctors are saying it might be important for the gut?

Sep 13, 17 4:45 pm

Critically important.

Sep 13, 17 5:21 pm


Sep 14, 17 1:03 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

seems unnecessary

Since culture needs us but doesn't want us.

Sep 14, 17 8:45 am

culture happens inside/outside of architecture, it is a verb

Sep 14, 17 9:36 am

They have machines for it now. Cultivators! Get yourself one.

Image result for cultivator

Sep 14, 17 9:46 am

we're on the hills


Culture is not effectively taught or talked about in most architecture schools, so I don't see it come up to much in practice today.

Sep 14, 17 10:09 am

culture is taught in culture




How can culture be taught?


Taught is maybe too strong a word. It can be discussed and you c an expose students to it.

culture means something different for every person, so the point is moot really, it depends on what one is trying to do with the project in the whatever culture.

Sep 14, 17 10:21 am
won and done williams

Modernism killed culture in architecture; classicism delivered the first blow. However, I would love to see an authentic, contemporary African American or Islamic architecture emerge as an antidote to the corporate dregs of most practice today.

Sep 14, 17 10:52 am

Modernism is also culture. Duh.


won and done williams gets it.


"A new culture killed the old culture (which I liked better)"

won and done williams

tduds, no, that's not at all what I'm saying. Modernism and classicism are both hegemonic styles that try to suppress cultural expression.

So express the culture you need to and quit blaming something else?


One man's culture is another man's hegemony.

I'd disagree with the argument that modernism killed culture. Arguably early modernism made those older bits valuable (especially given early that modern styled architecture was for "the people."). I recall correctly, this is when manifestoes referring to classical architecture as "our nature" start to pop up as counters to the modernist manifestoes. But yes, even beyond this the history of ignoring building practices by groups that are not seen as important is limiting if not troubling.

won and done williams

Modern architecture, the International Style, at its most idealistic, was an attempt to find a vocabulary of architecture that transcended political and cultural boundaries. Too often, however, it became a subversion of those cultures, essentially a colonialist architecture, and eventually just became a banal expression of corporate power and identity. There are exceptions of course (India, Brazil, and Mexico come to mind), but by and large this has been the trajectory of modern architecture. (Why do I feel like I've been duped into writing the OP's history term paper?)


That the question could seriously be asked is staggering, but when you have 'the world's most famous architect' plopping down a museum building in Spain with absolutely no reference to the city's history, heritage, background, climate, or anything else, and one that is loathed by the artists, curators, neighbors, and citizens of the town that have to interact with it, you realize just how badly the profession has trashed itself.  

Sep 14, 17 2:27 pm

Just move on already, that's 20 years ago!

and yet it is the best thing in that part of Spain

Wait architects design buildings? I thought it was painters and artists designing, then they pay the architects to do the details and the permitting and such.
Sep 14, 17 9:46 pm

I think its up to you to create deeper meaning in work and culture is but one of them areas.  Use whatever you need to convince clients and win projects.  Too bad most these days know how to function at the surface level only and can't go beyond shape and form.

Sep 14, 17 10:35 pm

It's whoever gets the most attention these days that dominates. Also, part of the cultural experience is also the process of being eaten by other cultures. 

Sep 15, 17 9:11 am

ones culture is inherent, to assume architecture is somehow not containing culture is a ridiculous position

Sep 15, 17 9:49 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

i am a nihilist culturally. 

I don't understand why anyone cares about imaginary symbols and history.  You have to imagine history since it already happened and once you start  doing that you can start making shit up and changing the narrative....

So chuck palahniuk has this short story where....ok i can not talk about it here too graphic for adults.....we will just avoid the whole horse and sex stuff...but in short the girl tells her dad (its the girls horse) - sorry dad, its not a good time in history to be a white man.....the end of the story, unlike fight club, the man doesnt kill the horse, just lets it go back to the wild.

So it appears modernism and classicism are trending as not culture but cultural suppression, which of course is a culture.  So its all kind of non sense - culture, politics, religion...expressed in architecture.  In 1000 years the glass house will be a culutural icon of who knows what...

Try nihilism.

Sep 15, 17 7:16 pm

wow, what a lazy cop out. hopefully you don't get let anywhere near the design board... although... now I think about it, the architecture of nihilism could be interesting.

Sir Apple Chrissy

Being a nihilist is a lot of work. It takes a critical eye on reality and a restraint from being convinced by charming and delusional language, like choosing water over a Coke..... Try Tadao Ando's Buddhist temple for a start. Only in the west does nihilism have negative connotation. [I am also partially in character here]

Sir Apple Chrissy


Sep 15, 17 10:45 pm
Non Sequitur

Yes, Flea!

Sorry man, gotta call you out a little.

Why did you use a column like this if culture doesn't matter?

Sep 16, 17 11:31 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

no worries, I can always count on you to be intellectually engaging here, which is great thing! It's a good question. The knee jerk reaction is I wanted to further pervert or further mutate something that is essentially knocked-off culturally and severely misplaced and distorted in the McMansion and bad suburban design culture of the USA. I realize those of the McMansion world pretend they have culture when installing a plastic column at their entrance because even the White House makes a nod to this traditional design element. I think the way I treat it in the image above is a complete admission that I have NO understanding of it's traditional cultural value and moreover if there is any culture there, it's a re-imagination of the column in a world of circuit boards or the movie Tron. Why make lit columns at the flutes? I was not trained traditionally so I have ZERO clue on what that could possibly mean in that culture. Those in the McMansion culture (that's why I reference Home Depot and Lowe's not carrying this yet in the blog post) have actually NO understanding like me. Instead of pretending I have an invested interest or knowledge of the culture in this world I just flat out admit I don't care, have no clue, and reinvented an element because I'm essentially detached from that culture....(thinking out loud)

But you selected that item specifically because it's a signifier and not just a thing. That's how the fast and tacky or well-seasoned residential designer sees it too - as a signifier. It's an ethos or system with a whole lot of meaning that you're either trying to reinforce, leverage, counter, or disrupt. The column? It's just the branding package...

Sir Apple Chrissy

technically I didn't select it in the conscious way most people think, this stuff is all visions I roll with (not even on drugs when I see that stuff)...BUT i see what you're saying....and I guess where I'm coming from, when I don't respect culture I don't need to admit it right? As you say, it's a SIGNIFIER, but it's not my signifier, I'm not respecting it, I'm following some vision of it outside of context and I know it means something to most people but I'm playing with it. What culture am I? What is punk if its a culture?

Sir Apple Chrissy

hmmm...last sentence not clear. I guess what I did here was take the christian cross and turn it upside down? But, generaly when you do that you have "satanists", and those people are severely disappointing, they either go the way of mis-interpreted Nietzsche or basically radical religious freaks like those Islamic State guys...but I turned it upside down, the christian cross, like some autistic monkey, I don't know up or down here...this goes for the column. why the fuck is this column so important to whomever? In short, I don't get it, I don't know when to say Hello or Yes Sir, see where I'm coming from? (hope that helps on last sentence, which strayed a bit)...that would be PUNK, pure autism.

Sir Apple Chrissy

i am tired of NORMAL humans telling us how the rest of exist. Cancer is Death. Autism is normal. thanks.

1- make the same image with a lally column AND the same gravitas. 2- yes, normal is often a burden .

Sir Apple Chrissy

will do. and the last sentence was not for you...I get into character like Hunter S. Thompson via Raoul Duke and it gets going.

no worries. Everyone has their own superpower.

Sir Apple Chrissy

Heads up. I will be bitim your lines soon on that lally column. Taking it to the Tron level.

Waiting on it!

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