ARE exam & Architecture license preparation for international students with MS post professional /M Arch 2


Hello fellow Archinect users,

I am an international student with bachelors. Firstly,I am planning to do MS post professional / M arch2 which is not NAAB accrediated program.Secondly, after graduation i am  planning to appear for the ARE exam, AXP and if possible IDP.Can anybody let me if it is possible for me to pursue any of these to become licensed architect in United States. Also is it possible if anyone explain me the difference between IDP,ARE and AXP. It would of great help to me ,if some of you throw some of your experiences . 

Sep 11, 17 12:56 am

Find time to research and go to the NCARB website. Read the literature. It takes a bit of time to fully understand and which path to licensure is best. And it would really depend on these factors: which state are you pursuing your initial license, which country are you from and if they'd accredit units from your Post Prof degree. It requires careful assessment before you choose the best path. 

The first step is to register for an NCARB account. Everything starts from there. Once you have done those, leave me a msg.

Sep 13, 17 9:57 am

They are all devices to limit people from using a legally protected title.

I recommend cannabis and moderate alcohol use.

Luckily, Nevada still has/had a pencil option of the "test".

The creators of the ARE software should be put in jail.

Sep 13, 17 11:12 am

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