Who uses the philosophy of Christopher Alexander in practice?

After reading 'the Nature of Order', I became again excited about the 'Pattern Language'. I wonder if there are architects who use it in practice. With sufficient interest, I want to set up a group to share experiences.
Aug 31, 17 12:42 pm
Wood Guy

I haven't read that one, and don't often think literally about A Pattern Language, but I've definitely internalized a lot of its lessons and notice them in the real world occasionally. I also still have clients who want Sarah Susanka's "Not So Big House" ideas incorporated into their design; her books draw heavily from Alexander's ideas. I've also been studying and practicing Permaculture; the book I have has a big section arranged by patterns from big to small.

Aug 31, 17 8:53 pm  · 

I'm finally reading the Nature of Order series after 5+ years working in offices as well as doing some side gig working on remodels. It is a refreshing / optimistic perspective on the potential of architecture.

I try daily at my office job to incorporate the philosophies of the unfolding process and feedback. I still have many years ahead of testing and experimenting with design processes in my own work. Definitely seems like one needs to be focused at a very high level to maintain the attention required in his design process. A challenge with contemporary systems of construction!

Aug 14, 19 12:50 am  · 

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