I am 15 years old, and I am planing to make a dodecahedron lamp for my GCSE Product Design Project. I have looked up many ways in YouTube and the Internet to find an easy way to make a wooden dodecahedron frame, but many of the methods to make on are very complicated. 

Are there easy any methods or templates that can be used to accomplish my goal?

I need help ASAP as I need to start making the frame at the start of September. The image is what I want the frame to look like.

Thanks for all who have helped me.


Aug 23, 17 5:34 pm

There's no easy way, just do it the complicated way and enjoy it, even if it takes you more time you'll learn more along the way.

Aug 23, 17 10:32 pm
Non Sequitur

It's a complicated shape, so learn how to do it properly instead of asking for shortcuts.  If the angles are too much for you to calculate, build one of the joints using cheap foam boards and measure that... then duplicate a few dozen times with better materials.

Aug 23, 17 10:36 pm

build it in Rhino or Sketchup and then 3D print it

Aug 23, 17 10:42 pm
D.C. Beat me to it ha
Aug 23, 17 11:10 pm
A regular dodecahedron is actually pretty simple. It's made from twelve pentagons, which are flat shapes that have five equal sides.

Construct a pentagon on paper as a template, and then make twelve of them out of cardboard. Glue them together at the edges with hot glue. You've just made a mockup of your dodecahedron.
Aug 23, 17 11:43 pm
All of the edges of a regular dodecahedron are the same length. So you could cut a bunch of wooden doweling to the same length, and then glue them together at the ends.

Or, cut twelve pentagons out of lite hobby plywood, and then use a jig say to cut the middle of the shape out, creating a space frame. Then glue the edges together as I described with the cardboard mockup.
Aug 23, 17 11:47 pm

If you look closely at the photo you posted it is only 12 flat pentagons glued together. It is made of 60 identical long rectangular pieces of wood. (Hint: To calculate the cut angle of each long piece in each flat pentagon just take the number of degrees in a circle and divide that by the number of sides in a pentagon and divide that by two.)

After you have made the twelve flat pentagons you many need to chamfer or sand the outside edges of each long arm in each pentagon to fit flush with an arm in the adjoining pentagon. Glue the pentagons together. When dry fill in and sand any small gaps with wood putty and there you are.

Aug 24, 17 8:37 am

volunteer earns his name --- only additional point: might want to make a jig to hold the joints securely while they are glued.


Hi Guys,

I have found s video which shows you how to cut the dodecahedron. 

1. Is there any way to cut holes into the pentagon faces after they are cut with angles to make a frame?

2. Can you cut the angles with a handsaw instead of using a miter, and bevel thingy saw?

Thanks for all your help!

Sep 2, 17 4:09 am



I have also found a second video that seems relatively easy. Here, how would you cut the angles with a handsaw? And what would the angle have to be to join the parts to make the pentagon and the bevel angles to join the pentagons together to make the dodecahedron.



Sep 2, 17 4:17 am

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