Need Advice for Architectural Thesis


Hi guys, I’m a senior student currently doing my undergraduate thesis about Analysis on the Space Planning, Materials and Typology of Evacuation centers.

The truth is I haven’t started the research work yet because my professor told me this study requires extensive gathering of data and I need to visit different sites unlike other studies that concentrates only on one area. I don’t think I can afford to since the approach is very disperse and pricey and I need to do it in a short span of time. I can’t change topics because it was approved already but I can alter the title as long as it’s still connected. Is there a way to like minimize the scope of the study so I won’t need to fly on different areas or can you suggest different subtopics? but still connected to evacuation centers. How can I make the title focus only on certain area so it will be convenient to my schedule? I need your suggestions :(

Thank you.

Aug 22, 17 1:47 am

That is pretty stupid, I'd suggest you simply fail and repeat so you might actually still learn something, I mean who else do you study for if not yourself? Or you could continue to be a lazy SOB and just streetview your damn "thesis"  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Aug 22, 17 2:54 am
Non Sequitur
You have a topic and a very broad one at best, not a thesis. Change topics and stop trying to find quick answers online you lazy bum.
Aug 22, 17 6:40 am

This is why history is important-

Start there, primary sources count as research and there are sure to be some here. 

Aug 22, 17 7:35 am

I hope your link is "convenient to their schedule"


i still dont understand how "topics" are considered theses in some countries... 

Aug 22, 17 8:08 am

What do countries have to do with anything? Sounds a bit racist, doesn't it?


Countries aren't races, though.


I could have said xenophobic obviously but would have to either translate it or provide a link to a thesaurus, racist kind of covers it too. Belittling people because they are from some other country is just a dickhead move, so called him out. Judging from his "triggered" reaction it was spot on, ha!


oh shut up you liberal asshole- everything sounds racist to you people... nothing i said aas racist!! You must think that the Brits talking shit about the French is also racist... loser...

Aug 22, 17 9:48 am

Wow, take it easy there fellow. I'm not the one who disqualifies a poster simply based on their country of origin, but first and foremost on the content of the post. Just go hold open some doors or complain about successful designers doing architecture you Чекиджия...

Aug 22, 17 9:59 am

That escalated quickly. 

Aug 22, 17 3:11 pm

Someone here has a short "fuse" ;-) ;-)

You guys stop being such jerks. For heavenssake. And this is an undergraduate thesis - not the same as what an MArch needs to do. It's likely more of a self-guided study and project than an actual thesis.

re: the original question: Something about *visiting* evacuation sites seems wrong: they are by definition only temporary structures, right? Evacuation implies that people are running from impending disaster? Are you supposed to be like a tornado chaser and just follow crisis around the world?

There is a lot of info on the internet about how temporary crisis shelters have been built all over the world. Open Architecture network is gone but here is an archived version.  The work of Francis Kere, Instagram tag #temporaryshelters, a google search for FEMA...

Research locally by meeting with people from the Red Cross, or contacting UNICAF, or so many other organizations. They likely have people who HAVE been to actual emergency evacuation sites and can teach you things you might not consider. No need for you to go to them yourself.

Good luck.

Aug 22, 17 5:30 pm

"You guys stop being such jerks."

It's more like a tough love kind of thing for me personally than being a jerk for jerksake. I wish I had people, architects and architecture students available a mouseclick away who told it to me straight back in the day.


visit Area 51.  The signs say to stay off the property but just ignore's fine really it's fine.  

Aug 22, 17 6:19 pm
Have there always been a slew of lazy students asking for archinect to do their homework, or has the frequency risen with the latest crop?
Aug 22, 17 7:38 pm
Non Sequitur

It's always been there but comes in waves. Once a while back we had 2 or 3 different new members post almost identical high-school questionaires. Fun times for all... well, not for the lazy kids.

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