Working in Australia

Hi Australian friends,

I'm planning to move from Portugal to Melbourne next year. I have 3+ years of experience as an architect and 1+ year of experience as sustainability consultant. 

In the meanwhile I would like to prepare myself the best that I can, through online courses or other ways. Can someone advice on some complementary skills that may help finding a job when I arrive there?

Thanks in advance

Aug 21, 17 11:50 am

One year working holiday visa or immigrant work visa? 

Aug 21, 17 4:57 pm
Omg you are moving from my #1 favorite place to my dream place. I hate you.
Aug 22, 17 10:02 am


Saint Jovin

A colleague of mine in the office was an Architect in Venezuela. He is still going through a lengthy process to get his accreditation transferred over here so he can legally call himself an Architect. Maybe take a look into that?

Apart from that, I didn't hear of him having any trouble finding a job... I hear everyone talking about how hard it is to find a job in the current economy but all my friends who actually looked for jobs, found jobs. I'm talking about graduates, who complain that job ads always asks for at least 2+ years experience, which you have, so no worries I guess.

The only thing with my colleague is his Venezuelan accent, (He speaks Spanish), which he says makes it hard for him to be understood at times, and the Australian accent can also be difficult for him to understand, these two reasons will sometimes make it hard for him to express himself or makes it take longer for him to understand what is going on in a discussion, which makes people think he is stupid, (his words, not mine) I don't know how you can prepare for that though =(

Aug 22, 17 11:32 pm

If you use Archicad, do some research which office are on the program.
Start from there /.....

Aug 23, 17 1:30 am

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