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Hello, i am now considering of studying interior architecture. But i have a question. Can an Interior Architect approve building plans? Or if you are in a project about renew a building can you change the structure of the building or thow doewn some walls or build new walls up on your own as an interior architect or you need the approvement from an architect or someone else?

Aug 19, 17 2:16 pm

Tear it all down!

Aug 19, 17 2:51 pm

I throw down some walls in every building I enter.   I get no approval.

Aug 19, 17 3:00 pm

Probably depends on what planet you live on but typically an "interior architect" would simply be a type of architect. Meaning you do all the training and licensing of an architect but focus on the interior components. Regardless, you create building plans along with about a million other documents (it seems), not approve them. 

Aug 19, 17 5:28 pm
Almost the exact same thread title has explained this. If you cannot manage to use the search tools you'll never be an interior decorator much less an architect.
Aug 19, 17 5:33 pm

You are so right archinine! You tell them! No way you’ll be an architect OR interior designer that way!

Non Sequitur
Paint colors are literally the most important thing in the world.
Aug 19, 17 6:10 pm

I disagree. Picking out the furniture that goes inside is the most stressful and important.


Interior architecture-LOL.

Let's call a spade a are choosing b/w between being an architect and an interior decorator.

Aug 19, 17 8:54 pm
Arthur k

I also throw down some walls in every building I enter.   I get no approval.

Sep 26, 17 9:29 am

Throw downs go on floors and furnishings, not walls.

Sep 26, 17 9:53 am

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