The drones are watching you....


OK, well maybe they aren't but I just wanted to see if and how all you architects possibly used them or think about them.

I recently read an article saying how they are completely changing the landscape of architecture both in terms of how they are used for surveying etc, but also how new buildings are being designed with drones in mind, meaning they need places to land or that in time, arriving at a building via the 13th floor isn't beyond the realms of possibility. 


Cue sarcastic comment from our boy in the Bay area.

Aug 16, 17 5:48 am

Would be nice to include a link to said article. Also don't think many people would like to arrive via the 13th floor, they prefer either the 12th or the 14th because people are weird.

Aug 16, 17 6:07 am

It would be nice, apologies. Original article

I was also reading this one that states how they will completely change the landscape we live in.


Aug 16, 17 6:20 am

can a drone do revit?

Aug 16, 17 7:13 am
Tinbeary There there

Clones do revit, not drones.


One day they will.... one day.....

Aug 16, 17 7:19 am
Non Sequitur
I've heard that drones are a good alternative if you need to measure block heights when converting laudramats into death trap theatres in Oregon.
Aug 16, 17 7:35 am

Ive used drone and work with many clients/contractors that do. Some larger construct firms are using them to monitor progression and for health & safety issues.

I've used them to survey rooftops and large areas via photogrammetry.

Aug 16, 17 9:01 am

As an aside, there used to be heliports on the top of tall buildings like the old Pan Am building. Some halfway bright people sat down and figured out what could happen with a helicopter in high winds, fog, rain, or one that had a mechanical problem just before or after touchdown, namely you would have a very large machine full of people going over the side umpteen stories down with the glide angle of a large rock.  

Aug 16, 17 10:54 am

I have a drone that sweeps the floors. But the article came out about the mapping uploads to the cloud...

I use a drone to map interfaces. I would say more but (you know). 

Love DC

Aug 16, 17 11:18 am

is that natalia vodianova?


I've have one, but mostly use it to bother my wife.  

Aug 16, 17 11:45 am

Sorry in advance, but made me think of this:


Lol. That was great.


my favorite is to fly it in front of the tv while she's watching the kardashians. 

Aug 16, 17 11:48 am



An attempt at humour on here that was actually funny. Well played!


The owner of a small firm I worked for during my first internship bought a big drone (probably 30"x30") for site inspection.  He was so excited about it that he flew it around the office for a half hour while everyone was trying to work.  When he tried to fly it upstairs to show folks on the 2nd floor, the angle change caused the drone to rotate and crash down the staircase.  Other than that I don't think he used it once while I was there.

A research group at my college used infrared cameras strapped to drones to locate delaminations in reinforced concrete slabs.

Aug 16, 17 12:41 pm

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