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Today I called the director of the company where I applied last month and with who I had a few interviews. I called to chek up on my application status and he told me they choose me as a candidate but there is freeze on the intake of new employees right now but he will get back to me again a bit later in the week to strongly confirm or reject. 

WHAT IS THIS SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! Could you please be kind to share with me your opinion? Do you think they will take me, not take me or take me later? 


Aug 14, 17 11:09 am
Non Sequitur

Calm down, take a deep breath.

wait the week.

Aug 14, 17 11:13 am

It could very well mean they are waiting for confirmation that a project is going to start before sending an offer. If they are doing project based hiring, I'd be a little cautious. 

That or they extended an offer to someone else who hasn't yet said they'll take it and they want to keep you as the backup plan.

Or it can be a large number of other things.

Aug 14, 17 11:14 am

Don't stop applying elsewhere.

Aug 14, 17 11:24 am

keep looking, if they call great

Aug 14, 17 12:31 pm

Thank you all for your replies! 

I've just graduated Part 1 Architecture in the U.K. and as an international student , who speaks 4 languages , I have been looking for international architectural companies , which are usually big rather than small.  This company is the particular one I like and would love to have the chance to work for them. Therefore, I am willing to wait, even though I'm panicking... 

Thank you again! 

Aug 14, 17 12:58 pm
In time you should learn not to panic in architecture. Nothing is nearly as big of a deal as it seems when you're first starting out. And panicking never helps anything anyway. Sometimes you have to just sit and wait or let things be.
Aug 14, 17 7:54 pm

They have probably changed their mind about hiring but wait and see, had this before. Lost work probably.

Sep 13, 17 6:31 am

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