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My name is Hemal and I live in San Jose, CA.
I have completed 5 years of B. Arch. from India and worked for 3 years in Mumbai in multiple firms and was running my own practice for last 5 years where I was undertaking majorly interior projects.
Currently, I live in San Jose and I am on H4 visas currently. My H4 EAD visas will arrive by this year end and then I can legally start working.
I have following questions and my goal is to work in San Jose eventually.
1. What are the different path available to get there?
2. Do I really need to study M.Arch or any similar program?
3. What is the long term advice for better career? Like study, get license or else apply for jobs now.
4. How are the chances of getting immediate job in Bay Area? And with what role should I apply?

I really appreciate your time and thank you so much for helping and sharing valuable experience.
Thank you in advance.

Aug 11, 17 7:24 pm

1. Location does not matter. (so find a cheap place to live).

2. the paths are not yet numbered.

3. You need to learn what you need to know to do what you are trying to do.

4. See previous response.

5. Have you tried applying for a job in "Bay Area"? And if so what job do you want?

You are welcome, DC

Aug 11, 17 7:40 pm

make a one page resume in pdf form and see how it goes?

Aug 11, 17 7:57 pm
1. Google

2-4, see step 1

You're not going to get very far if you need someone else to answer all your life/career decisions - especially on this forum. Research it and make informed choices based on your personal goals.
Aug 12, 17 6:42 pm

its easier to get a job here than it is to find a place to rent

ever heard of a renter's resume?

any place you want to rent will require you to fill one out - the landloards chose by income  - so if you are a junior architect competing against a Google programmer who is pulling down 120,000/yr? might be a problem

Aug 14, 17 5:57 pm

oh, I forgot:

0. work "illegally"

sorry I missed that earlier

Aug 14, 17 6:21 pm

Be a consultant, that is what the "cool kids" are doing.

Aug 14, 17 6:21 pm

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