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hello, I am a student of M.Arch program (3 year program).. I am looking forward to get a transfer to any other school starting from spring 2018. please give me a suggestion on what schools would accept me for their 2nd semester in the 3 year program. 

Aug 11, 17 3:13 pm
Non Sequitur
Why? Should you not make the effort yourself instead of lazily asking strangers online?

Personally, I here great things about schools in Yemen.
Aug 11, 17 5:40 pm

Any other school ... have you looked at WashU?

Aug 11, 17 5:53 pm
Seems the google has been down all day. What is up with that?
Aug 12, 17 6:43 pm

Any other school? What happened or did you do at your current one, that any other school would do? Deets plz!

Aug 13, 17 3:43 am

I am also curious about this.  I am about to start my program at the University at Buffalo, and I wonder if I could get a more competitive offer at a more competitive school as a transfer.  How common is it to transfer between M.Arch Programs?

Aug 15, 17 7:46 pm
It is not very common but some people do it. You'll likely have to take the same classes over again, especially studio, and/or supplement hours for whatever you pass out of with other electives so the school can collect all the money possible from you. They will frame it as 'fitting you into the pedagogy' but it's really a cash cow situation. If you're really unhappy the first year, or in buffalos case before starting, cut your losses before you're in too deep, drop out find some work and start reapplying.
Aug 15, 17 10:25 pm

Google's up again, yeah!


Try CCNY Spitzer School of architecture

Aug 22, 17 5:57 pm

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