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I've just graduated from Architecture and I have my Ba diploma. After careful consideration, I found out that architecture is more related to computers and design, rather than built environment. At university I understood that my expectations differ from reality.

I would like to ask, if any of you found the self more interested in the construction process rather than sticking just to design, could you please suggest me which books to read or what kind of course to take in order to fill my construction, economic and engineering knowledge? I am also considering applying to masters of SCIENCE related to construction project management or a course related to the AEC industry, so would you please suggest me univiersities that accept architecture students? Would be lovely if you share any construction companies that also accept architecture students!

*For those who want to read:

Reason I would like to move from architecture while it's still early (I'm in my early 20s) is that I didn't imagine myself staying long hours looking at the screen and trying to fix a "problem" that even my tutors couldn't define. I was prepared to learn about engineering, about construction and everything that makes buildings stand up. I've found myself more passionate about architecture as a whole, apparently it turns out to be viewed only from the DESIGN perspective. Not that we didn't even study anything about construction and engineering but we also weren't provided with normal training on software programs and objective comments by tutors. I was at least hoping to meet other students, who will be part of the team I would work at - ENGINEERS.

Thank you a lot!

Aug 11, 17 12:58 pm

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