Salary per hour of drafter

What's the salary per hour for an entry level designer or drafter?
Jul 17, 17 11:28 am

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Depends on location, education (knowledge of tools, hardware software) & experience but roughly anywhere between, $11 and $25

Jul 17, 17 11:31 am
Non Sequitur

somewhere between $0/hr and $20/hr. Location, office type, skill set, applicant desperation are all important factors.

Jul 17, 17 11:32 am
Thank you! And in Manhattan?
Jul 17, 17 11:35 am

Jul 17, 17 11:38 am
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  1. Go to
  2. Select your location, hourly salary rate and "draftsperson"

Jul 17, 17 11:38 am
Thank you so much!
Jul 17, 17 12:18 pm

it was $9 in 1988 in Ohio

Jul 17, 17 12:28 pm

35$ per hour for a draftsperson in LA? I call bullshit, unless the draftsperson is super experienced and can "draft" in Revit.

Jul 17, 17 2:25 pm

Take these salary reports with a grain of salt.  The ones for my city include multiple reports from people purporting to work in types and sizes of firms that do not even actually exist here. 

It may be that people change details in order to avoid being recognized, especially in smaller markets - perhaps they change their city to one that they assume is similar, and/or they change various details about themselves and the firms.  Unfortunately this can create misunderstandings and potentially unrealistic expectations.

Jul 17, 17 4:14 pm

double the min wage (where you are) is maybe close

Jul 17, 17 5:01 pm
The company doesn't give it's employees health inssurance :S
Jul 17, 17 5:15 pm

run away, run away


You know thats illegal, right?

I know! But that's the only offer I have :/
Jul 17, 17 8:38 pm

There is no legal requirement for a private firm to provide health insurance.  A firm with 50 or more full time equivalents will incur tax penalties for not offering insurance - but may make the decision that this is less expensive than offering insurance.  A firm with fewer than 50 FTEs has no obligations re health insurance for employees.

Jul 18, 17 11:30 am

Be a consultant, then you get to pay for your own insurance.

Jul 18, 17 12:19 pm

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