Hawaii high-rise fire


No sprinklers were retro-fitted to the high rise fire in Hawaii that has claimed three lives although new buildings require them. How were the owners even able to obtain insurance? Where was the local AIA?

Jul 15, 17 10:37 am
Where was the local AIA?!?

Jul 15, 17 1:53 pm
Non Sequitur

How do you get to build that without sprinklers?

Jul 17, 17 9:29 am

and the local fire authority?

Jul 17, 17 9:33 am
Non Sequitur

Strangely enough, just last week, I overruled the city inspector on a sprinkler / standpipe issue on site (9 storey office building). The inspector signed off and passed an installation that was deficient. Tough luck contractor, I don't care if the AHJ said it was Ok, they were wrong and you'll correct it ASAP or you're not getting you final sign-off letter.

good for you (and all those other people)

Non Sequitur

I've overruled two different AHJ on this project... both situations were fire safety related.


I agree with Proto, what was the AIA supposed to do in this case?

Jul 17, 17 11:59 am

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