Do Australian firms hire from abroad?

I'm an interior designer currently in the US. Recently became interested in residential design in Victoria, Australia. Has anyone worked for small to midsized Australian firms? Thanks!
Jul 12, 17 9:47 pm

I think you'll find more than a few hurdles if you want to work in Australia, not least the immigration system.

Start by looking here:

Unfortunately no working holiday option if you're an American citizen.

Apologies if that is a bit of a downer.

Jul 16, 17 1:05 pm

...and there I am proven wrong by the post below.


hello! I'm a US citizen and went on a working holiday visa, the visa you apply for as an American only allows you to stay in Oz for up to 1 year and work for one company up to six months. When I went, it was a relatively straight forward process to get a job and receive a business working visa after a few months. If you have a few years of experience and some talent then it's definitely possible. I loved living there.

The economy is not doing as well as several years ago and the Oz dollar has gotten really weak, so your Milage may very in terms of finding employment. That said all my friends seem to be doing fine. Melbourne is an amazing city, my favorite after Kyoto. Best of luck!

Jul 16, 17 2:27 pm

Dang, you are indeed correct. I wasn't aware, there are not 1 but at least 2 classes of visa, the 417 and 462 class class (1 year)

462 class is indeed as you say, 1 year, and is available for those from the USA.


There's a reason why many western countries are looking up to Australia as a role model when dealing w/ foreigners: It's migrant points system.

That said, I've heard some friends getting jobs there a few years back upon graduation. Short stints tho, 1-2 years.

Jul 16, 17 11:05 pm

I had a hairdresser from Australia. She was great.

One of my clients is from Australia. They were also great.

Jul 16, 17 11:15 pm

Hi, I have (and am currently) worked for small to mid sized firms in Melbourne. I would say the design culture is pretty open, we are quite multicultural already- so nationality no barrier. Like any design culture it is probably a bit more who you know instead of what you know, but starting a dialogue directly with firms isn't hard.
Melbourne has quite a diverse architectural range, so you could settle into some hardnosed modernist firms or some post-po-mo etc etc as you wish.

Jul 17, 17 1:52 am

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