Paint Colors That Help Hide Dust


Hi all!

We're designing a one-of-a-kind innovation/fabrication lab, and we're trying to select paint (wall and ceiling) that will look great and will give us the most efficient work space possible.

Does anyone have any insights or advice on what color of paint and sheen best hide the kind of dust and debris that come with working in this kind of lab? What type/color of paint have you found is a great camouflage for dust and is best for washing down / keeping clean?

- We're working with materials like wood, foam and metals
- Our space is made up of CMU Walls / Metal Decking / Steel Trusses
- We want to choose paint shades and sheens that camouflage dust and debris as much as possible

Thanks in advance for any insights that you can provide!

Jul 10, 17 11:21 am

What color will the dust be over time? I'd suggest visiting a similar shop, perhaps in a different city if your city doesn't have one, and looking in the hard to reach places.

Jul 10, 17 11:37 am

We plan on doing this, for sure. Thanks for the tip!

Non Sequitur

Bright green.

Jul 10, 17 11:56 am

Do a Jackson Pollock, don't see any dust in these pictures:

Project is by Dominique Coulon & Associés.

Jul 10, 17 1:30 pm

Wrong approach. 

1) Serious dust collection / air filtration systems for health and cleanliness. 

2) Smooth surfaces for easy maintenance. No open-web trusses, porous surfaces, trim, edges, etc. to accumulate dust and debris. 

3) White (or very light gray) walls to enhance workspace lighting. Also in a serious shop wall space is workspace as well (tool storage, work-in-progress, layout, communication, etc.). Also should not be visually distracting (for safety).

Work spaces look best when they show evidence of actual work. Why try to hide it? If it gets to dingy slap another coat of paint on it. The very last thing you want is a hard to replicate finish.

Jul 10, 17 2:52 pm

Thanks so much for these helpful insights. I appreciate it!

washable surfaces/materials that do not require paint, you do the math

Jul 10, 17 3:27 pm

But why wash walls and surfaces when you can just let the dust accumulate? So much easier :)

you have been to my studio

Choose one of these. AI named them, AI can't be wrong. 

Jul 10, 17 9:44 pm
Non Sequitur

Blue Child is a nice green.

Bull cream, self-explanatory. 

Copper panty, formerly 'nude'.

Rose colon? I'm not going there.

Mown poupe (poop?).

Sugar Soap – Farrow & Ball number 999

Jul 12, 17 4:32 pm

While we are on paint, what is a good 1960s color for a guest bath to cover up the dark purple there now?

Picking color just makes me dizzy. (imagined Barbie voice)

Jul 12, 17 6:35 pm

^Light purple, aka lavender. Lots of shades to chose from. The ones almost a light blue look very nice.

Jul 12, 17 7:06 pm

sounds good to me

where do I send the check?


No charge. Plus, all the mats and towels, ect. your wife picked out for the dark purple bathroom will most likely fit well into the lavender bathroom. "A penny saved is a penny got".


black & white + bronze accents ::: it's all the rage

sprinkle bronze filings to distract from the dust

Jul 12, 17 7:19 pm

dear Benajamin Moore or Sherwin Williams or Behr - in response to this post I would like to claim the rights to naming a new color "Shit Brown".  Then life will be complete. ......Richard Meier once wrote an introduction to one of his many books on why White was such a great color.  At dusk white can be red!  During a clear sky it can be blue!......I am writing a much shorter text - Shit Brown is always Shit Brown.  Dusty outside ? Shit Brown is Shit Brown.  Your building is condemned, overrun with junkie ninjas (the kind that stab you with hyperdermic needles when surveying buildings in the shady part of town), and you are just not sure what colors should go on the walls with the worse toilet in all of Scotland (Trainspotting reference) - I have a solution for you: Shit Brown.  Shit Brown is always Shit Brown. I also have a slogan for you - Shit Brown will always let you down!  Talk of the town - Shit Brown.

Jul 14, 17 7:11 am

Would this be a good color for a baby's room?


laughing my ass off...go for it!

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