Polimi Master a good investment?


Hello everybody, 

I am a recently graduated architect from Ecuador (5 years of bachelor studies) and I've decided to apply to masters degrees in Europe for my masters (any degree in Architecture Design).  

I have applied to Tu Delft, Politécnico di Milano, KTH and Lund University and got the following results:

Rejection in Tu Delft (portfolio rejected and basically a slap in the face telling me i have no idea whatsoever of architecture) 

Acceptance in Polimi for Architecture Design and Urban Design Masters Degree

Waiting list for KTH (15 place of 60) for Architecture Masters as well 

Acceptance in Lund University for Architecrure Design Masters.

My preferences are in the order up above but my question is: Does Polimi is a good investment for a masters programe? I've read is really prestigious school and the best in the country, as well the master focus on architecture design and urbanism which I like mainly because the areas I want to reaserch in the future are public/social housing and public space. 

Any insight or tip on Polimi as a whole, University, Proffesors,Courses,Job Opportunities, etc would be really appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for your future answers.

May 31, 17 4:32 pm

Where do you plan on working in the future? Do you Masters in that country if you can.  Can't give you advice on those schools.

But don't let the rejection bother you.  Take it as a sign to work harder and improve.  Architecture is a life long learning profession.  Focus on incremental growth.  You will keep getting better.  If not, you're just dumb and not suited for this profession. xD

May 31, 17 6:00 pm  · 

Agree with accesskb. Do your Masters where you want to work, especially if you are not from EU. It will be difficult to transit to other cities/countries to work after your master.

I am not sure about the MA of Polimi. But their undergraduate program is indeed excellent one of the best in EU I think.

May 31, 17 10:55 pm  · 

Hi guys, thanks for answering.

Well I picture myself working in Europe for a while. I have double nationality (Ecuadorian/Italian) due to my parents so no need for visas or work permits whatsoever and I speak fluent Italian and 5 other mostly European languages.

My goal is to learn the most in Europe about the topics that I'm very passionate about (Social Housing and Public Space) try to work in developing this kind of projects or any big type of design projects and later 15/20 years open a studio in Ecuador to develop this topics with enough experience.

Mianly I am focusing right now to enter a university well recognized abroad that could boost my Cv and let me work in any country abroad.

Many thanks again for your time and answers, really appreciate it. 

Jun 1, 17 12:18 am  · 

I am also highly interested in the architectural design master at Polimi. The university has been ranked 14th in the world in architecture and design by QS world university rankings for a few years now.

As you can see the employability ranking and reputation is fairly high. The Polimi website also has a page that goes more in depth with statistics of employment after graduation that i cant find right now. 

It seems like a great buy with Milan being one of if not the design capital of europe and Polimi being the best university in Italy, and one of the top in europe for architectural design and engineering. The cost is also superb I am from america where the cost of education is a horrendous burden. Polimi has all the necessary resources from a library dedicated to architecture to model making laboratory and access to all of the architectural software needed to improve your skill-set. I wish they had a more detailed course catalog. With the reputation that it has I'm sure that the program is great and the degree will translate to where ever you want to go, not to mention you will learn a lot outside of the classroom. 

Congratulations on getting into the Urban design and architectural design. I only got into the architectural design when I applied to both back in fall of 2015. I deferred to get some experience and see what the working world is like. I am going to apply again this fall for fall 2018 maybe ill see ya there! 

My one concern about the program I have myself is its translation with the NCAB institute the governs architectural licenses in america. But like i said before Im pretty confident it will translate but I would like to hear from an american who has done the program continued their career in america. The worst that can happen is they make me take a few courses somewhere to satisfy any categories I am lacking. My main reasons for going are cost and I believe I will learn more being in Milan and have a better experience overall. I studied abroad in Florence during my undergraduate career and loved it and been learning Italian ever since. 

Jun 5, 17 6:14 pm  · 

and let me work in any country abroad.

I wrote a long explanation to why the US and Canada are not like any country for foreign professionals, but then I deleted it to keep things civil.

But just a heads up, in the US, architecture, interior design, urban design, landscape architecture are all different professions, with separate programs in schools, and their own sets of rules for practicing and licensing.

I would stay in europe if there is a europe in 4 years. But again, Italy is the country with most architects per capita in the world! 

Jun 5, 17 6:33 pm  · 

This link you can look at the different courses of the programs

by going to school and then clicking study course websites 

Jun 5, 17 7:51 pm  · 


I have applied for Architecture and Urban design masters at Polimi for the 2021 September entry. Any idea how long they take to to approve or reject an application? The online support said until February. How long did it take for you guys?

Thank you

Dec 12, 20 8:22 am  · 

hey , Anamika .. i have also applied for the masters program in Polimi even my dossier is under evaluation from last 2 months! .. and idk how much it will take fir the results!

Dec 20, 20 10:10 pm  · 

Hello guys,

I have also applied for the Architecture and Urban design masters at Polimi since November. I have not gotten an answer yet! Did you guys get anything?

Best of luck!!

Jan 26, 21 5:30 am  · 

Hey, I got accepted for Urban design and Architecture. How about you?

Jan 31, 21 2:33 am  · 
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Got my offer a couple days ago as well

1  · 

I just go acceptance for Urban Planning .

2  · 

We can contact through mail

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Yes definitely!


Congratulations both you!

Jan 31, 21 2:59 am  · 

Which one did you get into @gklefti?

Where are you both from? I'am from India

Jan 31, 21 3:00 am  · 

I am from india , Jaipur .. we can contact on mail - or on Instagram- _dilip_290997 (dm )

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