BIG and OMA time to get reply about application


Hi, I was wondering how much time it usually takes for BIG and OMA to reply to interesting online applications for setting up an interview.

Feb 24, 17 6:14 pm

Give it a try and you'll find out.

No harm amirite?

Feb 24, 17 7:08 pm

your chances of getting an interview from an online application are virtually nil.  

Feb 24, 17 9:07 pm

Honestly, most firms don't even respond to applications they are not interested in. 


Feb 24, 17 11:08 pm

Just got offer from BIG (Junior Designer and intern) and OMA Intern.

I applied in late December 2016 and got reply in mid Feb (both)

No interview with BIG and had an interview with OMA. Took about 10 days after the interview to get the offer.

Feb 25, 17 12:58 am

So BIG offered you a job without an interview? Interesting...

I've applied last week for OMA Rotterdam and NY and for BIG Copenhagen and NY, last year I was contacted for an interview by Herzog & de Meuron after applying online so I hope I have a chance with OMA or BIG too...

Feb 25, 17 5:14 am

So you didn't get the HdeM job? 

Feb 26, 17 12:54 pm

I was already doing another internship so I didn't make the interview

Feb 26, 17 1:57 pm

I hear Eisenman is always hiring as it seems you will work for nill. 

Mar 1, 17 7:00 pm
archiwutm8 many internships do kids do nowadays?. . .

Mar 2, 17 3:32 am

Just enough to pack 10 years worth of experience into the fresh grad age frame.

I mean, that's what employers want these days right?


Enough until their parents decide they are cutting off their monthly allowance. 

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