It's My Last Day At Work and I'm Live-Posting It!

It's my last day at my current job today! In my new position I won't be able to post on Archinect through the workday, so I'm going to post like mad for the next 8 hours! Join me with comments on what you're doing at work today, a good or funny memory from you experience in a last day on the job, or what you're having for lunch. ANY topic is relevant!

Feb 10, 17 9:08 am

To start: at our final department meeting yesterday evening we enjoyed a bourbon toast. I highly recommend this practice!

Feb 10, 17 9:09 am

Good times. My last work, they coincided Oktoberfest celebration to match my going-away day. Good people > Most other things.

Now I'm staring at a mess of files on my computer that I need to organize for the coworkers who will take the projects over AND an even bigger mess of physical objects in my office that I have to deal with.  I should have dealt with some of this yesterday afternoon, but...bourbon.

Feb 10, 17 9:10 am

woot!  good luck!


my last day at my previous job i just kind of didn't show up and went fishing instead.  they may have had donuts that i missed out on.

Feb 10, 17 9:13 am

I'm leaving written instructions for non-architect, never CADed ever employees on how to open and revise drawings in Autocad. This is painstaking!

Feb 10, 17 9:21 am

Where are you headed to?

Feb 10, 17 9:29 am

Non-CAD people doing CAD? Ha.

It's going to be 74 degrees today but I'm sick and won't be able to enjoy it. That's my news.

Feb 10, 17 9:30 am

TED I'm going to work in a great medium-sized local firm. It will be apparent from my Linked in and Archinect files where that is, but for the moment, with this thread, I'm not going to name us.

I'm SO READY to get out of the Facilities side and back into real practice! Keep going strong, economy, please!!

Feb 10, 17 9:39 am

Great Great Great!! congrats and welcome back to the world.


I remember when you got upset when I noted a difference between "real practice" vs. facilities, plan checkers, and other peripheral jobs.

tintt, no shit. This is SO painstaking to explain in writing and screen caps!

Feb 10, 17 9:39 am

Is anyone a little tired of seeing John Malkovich's face all over Archinect? Or are you enjoying it? I guess I feel both ways.

Feb 10, 17 9:40 am

While, I like the actor in a number of his movies. I do think it kind of gets annoying at times.


Yes, Hes so smug and full of himself.   Hes on my Hulu too!

Feb 10, 17 10:29 am

Maybe I am missing something but I haven't been seeing John Malkovich's face all over Archinect...

Also congrats on the new gig!

Feb 10, 17 10:41 am

im tired of seeing JM, im like wth

Feb 10, 17 10:44 am

Congrats on the new Gig!

On the topic of Mr. Malkovich, how could you ever grow tired of that, maybe we need more advertisers on Archinect to spice it up a bit.

Autocad instructions, try you tube:

I'm starting a new Job next week as well, I find it fun to try to do something different when switching jobs like bow ties or bring my lunch every day kind of change/resolution.


Feb 10, 17 10:47 am
Non Sequitur

negative 30 outside today... brrrr. caulk shrinkage territory.

Speaking of caulk, I just finished giving an in-depth lecture/demonstration to my office on proper fire/smoke caulks specification and site review. Plenty of caulk pics.

G'd luck Donna on the new gig.

Feb 10, 17 10:53 am

consider using this as departing screen saver.

I do have to hand it to John M he has done more to advance the standing in our collective lexicon of the versatility of the word FUCK in our language.

Feb 10, 17 11:05 am

Sorry could not post the image from my computer.

Feb 10, 17 11:14 am

True story: John Malkovich used to be my neighbor. He's super reclusive though so I hardly ever saw him.

Congrats Donna! Hopefully your last day is more celebratory than my last last day!

Feb 10, 17 11:29 am
Thanks for the cad tutorial Peter!

I just spent an hour showing a coworker how to use it and it is freaking hard. What a ridiculous program!

Headed into my exit interview now. Woo!
Feb 10, 17 11:30 am
You're posting those caulk pics on the caulk thread, Non Seq? Looking forward to seeing them!
Feb 10, 17 11:32 am
HR busy. My exit was supposed to start 2 minutes ago. Wondering if I should just go back to my desk and pack until they ask me to come back? Every minute feels like an hour on your last day....
Feb 10, 17 11:34 am

digging the new discussion format! trying to figure out a fee for AOR services! donna, help!

Feb 10, 17 11:45 am

Best of luck in the new gig, Donna  =o]

Feb 10, 17 11:55 am

My last day working for former Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice Aaron Green, one co-worker gave me a joint. I hadn't gotten high in probably 30 years. I discovered I can't handle the new weed...knocked me on my ass.

Feb 10, 17 12:05 pm

Exit interview went fine. I was able to express a couple of opinions on where I thought funding and staffing needs to be increased. I said a bunch of good things about my wonderful fellow co-workers, and no bad things about the co-workers I can't stand, because I'm trying to be positive.

COBRA is f'ing expensive!

Feb 10, 17 12:06 pm

Yes, COBRA makes one realize how much the company paid out of their pocket for our insurance. Go Obamacare (for now)


At least you got an exit interview. My former firm dissolved the Tampa office and then pretended we never existed. You'd think they'd want to know how to course-correct before it becomes necessary to shut down another. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I happen to think exit interviews are extremely valuable because you are likely to hear the most honest feedback from people who don't need your paycheck or approval anymore, but I guess YMMV


Is that COBRA or CORBA? Edit: Never mind. It's COBRA...... When did the Cobra commander take control of the U.S.?

LOL Kevin that's a good story!

Feb 10, 17 12:07 pm
Non Sequitur

Donna, I'll post some caulk pics when I have the time... probably will try and squeeze a quick caulk job this afternoon. I'm taking lead on a large BIM project with only junior staff making decisions so stress and work levels just sky-rocketed.

I'm not officially the caulk-master in the office. Think I can get new business cards?

Feb 10, 17 12:09 pm

My 12-year-old-boy sense of humor loves seeing the word caulk thrown around like this. Especially in phrases like "I'm the caulk master."

I feel like I would abuse saying "I'm the caulk master".

I am on the west coast so we are just putting on the pants and such

Feb 10, 17 12:09 pm

I just got two new clients, woot

Feb 10, 17 12:10 pm

THREADED REPLIES!!!! Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! What an exciting day.

Oops, congrats on the new clients, David!


think they rolled out thread replies to celebrate your leaving.

Still learning the new system.

Feb 10, 17 12:12 pm


Non Sequitur

same here... I can directly reply now?


very fancy

Congrats on the new gig. I'm a former hoosier, what's the economy like out that way. It always seems so dark and depressed around my old stomping grounds (Northwest Indiany). Moved to California, and never looked back. Today on my plate: Addendum to an elementary school administration building, help another team out with a Vietnamese Community Center, hopefully leave early, stop at antiques mall to hopefully find an MCM desk chair for the home office, stop at the nursery for some growies, liquor store for beer and bourbon. At least in a perfect world, that will be how this day rolls.

Feb 10, 17 12:14 pm

Kevin, are you near 50 years old? I am, and I learned the term "growies" in architecture school but I don't feel like it's used much anymore.


Yes Donna, 55 years young.

Feb 10, 17 12:20 pm

Also, Kevin, I grew up in Arizona, and this comic has always rung true to me even as a 10-year Hoosier:

Feb 10, 17 12:20 pm

"growies, what are those? trees and shrubs which would be code for pot?

anyhow Congrats on the new gig Donna!! now maybe I should send my resume to your old gig and finish up that cad manual for non-cadders 8-)

Feb 10, 17 12:21 pm

I don't miss the Midwest, I have fallen in love with California. While I work in silicon valley, I live in the central valley, which is somewhat similar to small town Indiana.

Feb 10, 17 12:24 pm

I don't miss the midwest and would love to be in California.

For me, growies refer to California native plants to plant in my yard.

Feb 10, 17 12:25 pm

In arch school it meant the trees and plant material you throw onto a rendering or plan to make it look softer and greener. Scribbly lines with green prismacolor = growies.


On another subject... what's the significance of those stars next to certain thread titles at the top of the Discussions list?

Feb 10, 17 12:30 pm

I think they mean they are active or have had a lot of comments? I'm not sure.


The stars indicate when a thread is featured (displayed on the homepage) and/or when the thread is being moderated and there is at least one featured comment in the thread.

One of my final tasks here that I'm setting off to do shortly is to clean a bathroom. If you wonder why a Campus Architect would clean a bathroom, well, that's possibly a clue to why I'm getting a new job.  Our Custodial staff is amazing, and I can't bear to see them overworked, so I'm just doing it myself. Maybe this is a character flaw?

Feb 10, 17 12:32 pm

Look on the bright side...,.it must give you some incite on how to design a toilet to stay clean.


Better than my Friday it starts to smell like the lion den at Brookfield Zoo!

Also just saw the ad everyone was referring to... Must not have been paying attention.

Feb 10, 17 12:57 pm

you typed his name, so the algorithm shows it to you more now

this is in part why I try to avoid typing the name of the newly elected president


1. assume the downfall of the USA. whats your backup country?

2. IF you are still at work, can you draw a map to the storage location of the bubs putt putt course, and leave the doors unlocked? I will also need to borrow a truck.

Feb 10, 17 1:29 pm

1. Cambodia

2. I don't like Bub. I'm a Grumpy Cat fan!!!

I just typed one entire page of text on how to use the COPY command in AutoCAD. I feel badly for my coworkers I'm leaving behind :-(

One of them just came down to tell me goodbye and that he wishes we could have worked together more. I agreed, he's a super-knowledgeable guy and we would often roll our eyes at the same things in meetings we were both in.

Feb 10, 17 1:32 pm

You could just offer a link to Archinect for q+a

I've had this can of Bulgarian tomatoes as a pen holder since 1991. Bought it in Vienna when I was there on UMich's semester abroad program. I was a BIG John Irving fan!

Feb 10, 17 1:47 pm

(Desk cleaning music: ABBA)

What are you all listening to?

Feb 10, 17 1:50 pm

Currently: Lionel Richie's Greatest Hits, because, Friday.

Teenage Dirtbag, because....well no good reason beyond Friday angst.


Puscifer - The Remedy

Forgot to mention I skipped down the hallway to my exit interview, which deeply annoyed the head of IT who was coming towards me and is sad to see me go - I'm one of the few people who are nice to IT when I have a problem (yes, humblebrag).

Feb 10, 17 2:15 pm

Currently listening to: Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple, which is appropriate because I was appreciating the new Olson Kundig project on ArchDaily.

Do you know what type of projects you will get the chance to work on? 

Feb 10, 17 2:26 pm

I want to blast some metal in the office right now, but no one else likes it, so I suffer through new wavy indie stuff.

Or stream Spotify to my hearing aid because I am slowly becoming BIONIC.

Feb 10, 17 2:32 pm
Vintage showerhead now clean!
Feb 10, 17 3:12 pm

Pics or it didn't happen.

helmet cam

Feb 10, 17 3:24 pm
AND I vacuumed the stairs. Historic houses are wonderful and valuable, as we all know. But what a pain in the ass the upkeep is, especially when they're open to the public!
Feb 10, 17 3:34 pm
There's a pic on twitter, Josh. Can't post pics from the phone. There are still some snafus between the mobile and computer threaded comments, obviously. Things look a little weird!
Feb 10, 17 3:37 pm

Here you go. Back in the office now ready to start packing!

Feb 10, 17 3:49 pm

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