Master in Space Architecture?


I found out about this Master of Science in Space Architecture program being offered by SICSA, University of Houston. It is a very interesting field and one which I wished about. I have a natural inclination towards Architecture and Astronomy. So I have an interest for this program and frankly, if I want to do Master in architecture, it would be this. I am currently pursuing my B. Arch and I'm from India. I wanted to know about your views for this program and do you think there are employment opportunities for it out there. I do not see myself doing M.Arch in any other field other than this.

Jan 30, 17 1:46 am

The employment opportunities are out there, waaaay out there.

Jan 30, 17 8:25 am

SICSA was down the hall from us when I was doing some studies at University of Houston.  It's not limited to only the design of structures in space, they also look at extreme environments on Earth like undersea habitats and polar sites.

I would contact the program directly to inquire about where their graduates have found employment.  

Jan 30, 17 12:03 pm

I am also trying to pursue this program. I know that it has limited slots, hopefully after my M.arch I can get in their program. My question is this: would I be able to get my licensure through a space industry company?

Jan 31, 17 4:36 am

There's a major in space architecture.?

I find myself suddenly second guessing most of the decisions I've made in life.

Feb 8, 17 1:02 am

LOL me too! This is hilarious.


You missed out on the Moon cheese.

Feb 8, 17 3:49 am

How's the licensing process for Mars?

Feb 10, 17 3:26 pm

Hey, I might as do what it takes to be grandfathered in. Josh can have license #1, I'll go with license #64. Why not? :)

(Note: I'm being tongue in cheek but hey.... who knows.

You know.... after doing a bit of the 3d modeling and rendering for a space based game and alien worlds, I might have a portfolio of works for that.... does that count for anything?

It's this where the budding Steve Bannon clubs meet?
Feb 11, 17 11:39 am

I want to be Mars' first licensed architect.

Feb 11, 17 9:50 pm



That's a really shitty shitposting advert. I'm gonna make sure no one uses your service.

Feb 14, 17 3:31 am



Contact me for any queries. I am a master's student at this course.

May 26, 17 4:37 pm
Balaji muthalagappan

Hiii.. Brother I'm currently doing my bachelor of architecture in india... I'd like to do masters in space architecture.. Kindly guide me.. I'm waiting.. Eagerly.. 

Oct 21, 18 2:15 am

I am looking forward for this course so much!!!! But so many doubts and a little bit of fear ahhh THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!! 

Nov 7, 19 8:12 pm

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