Examples of firms that are changing the idea of practice?


Great thread.  Ive had an eye on this one for a while...

Jan 6, 17 3:48 pm

How about something like this:

Jan 6, 17 9:21 pm

Partisans of Canada seem to be doing interesting urban research work in addition to conventional projects


Jan 7, 17 9:07 pm


Jan 11, 17 1:35 pm


Can I ask if you have worked with goskwerl ? Or if anybody has, sounds like an interesting proposition, especially for those who need to freelance, due to personal circumstances. I just checked it out and I can't access the kind of jobs they have, w/o registering....thanks..

Jan 11, 17 1:43 pm

what about the non-architects, Heatherwick et al? great list techtonic. 

definitely  Woods Bagot, NBBJ w/ Andrew Heumann. Albeit corporate, these firms have impacted the practice in a tangible manner, through his computational leadership.

one that is missing is KieranTimberlake, and their advancement of a performance based research practice 

Jan 11, 17 5:40 pm

Architecture 00

Studio Weave

Jan 12, 17 12:55 am

I am not a fan of Karim Rashid's work but looks like he's also going the route of consolidating the developer+arch firm model (Kurv Architecture) to have his projects realized. It will be interesting to see if he is able to get more of his work built as a result because regardless of arguments over aesthetics, we could possibly learn a thing or two from Rashid's business sensibilities...

Jan 19, 17 3:32 pm

Thanks jimimimi, looking into Architecture 00 I found the Wikihouse foundation which is an ambitious and interesting concept. An open source architectural knowledge platform is something everyone could use

Jan 19, 17 3:36 pm

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