HAPPY REM - caption contest


If your Wednesday morning is already giving you too much grief, then escape with us for a moment to a far-away galaxy where the stars of television-cooking, starchitecturing, and all-kinds-of-artsing align in perfect harmony.

Let the flurry of captions commence.

Nov 30, 16 1:11 pm

taking a quick break from revit.

Nov 30, 16 1:14 pm  · 

I'm grinning for the same reason you can't see my right hand.

Nov 30, 16 1:32 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

"Oh my, I thought that smell was the bad shrimp cocktails..."

Nov 30, 16 1:35 pm  · 

Fun with liquify...


Nov 30, 16 1:48 pm  · 

"Eww, eww. How soon until I can get some hand sanitizer?"

Nov 30, 16 1:54 pm  · 

"famous architect" - reminds me of the Duchamp quote that his butcher has no idea who he is.

Nov 30, 16 5:25 pm  · 
"I just did blow off Martha's ass. I love Miami!"
Nov 30, 16 5:31 pm  · 

Architecture is a hazardous mixture of omnipotence and impotence. Sorry Courtney.

Nov 30, 16 7:18 pm  · 
Don Kashane

Courtney Love thought balloon: 

Where the hell is Kurt? I bet he's tailing some slut groupie....if I get my hands.........oh.....wait......never mind......wish Martha Stewart had killed herself instead......and who the hell is this grinning bald creepo next to me?

Nov 30, 16 7:23 pm  · 

Fresh off her cooking show with Snoop Dogg, Martha baked Koolhaas with the sticky-icky-icky. Woo Wee. Throw it in da air.

Nov 30, 16 7:28 pm  · 

It's Koolhaas's design process model shop team....

Martha makes it quick and elegant using common items found in the model shop bins down in the basement.  

Courtney comes, trips, mangles and tears pieces off of it, splashes it with her colorful drinks and yells at everyone.

Koolhaas sells the "contradiction" and "irresponsibility" of it to the client.

Nov 30, 16 8:40 pm  · 

Hey vado retro, can you take our pic?

Dec 2, 16 7:01 pm  · 

"Ken stole my glasses at the AIA Philadelphia Convention, can you please tell me, what Playmate of the month are you again?"

Dec 2, 16 10:18 pm  · 

An Inmate, a Junkie, and the architect looks the most fucked up. 

Dec 3, 16 3:55 pm  · 

went to philly, fly

tried to get to the banquet

piranesi dreams

Dec 3, 16 6:14 pm  · 
Martha, Rem and Courtney walk into a bar..
Dec 4, 16 1:26 pm  · 

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