Architectural Axiom/Statement Re-Writes

Olaf Design Ninja_

we all should know - "Form follows function." - Louis Sullivan

over the years it's become on occasions - Form follows finance.  Form follows form., etc...



Olaf challenges you to change a few, some examples:


"The occupation of social media is the first proof of existence." - not Le Corbusier (Ineffable Space)


"The computer is understood as a very efficient "tool" which - if properly used - will serve the creative intention as well as the traditional hand tool."- not Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (New Education-Organic Approach)


"As for philosophy, it makes an architect high-minded and self-assuming, and renders him snobby, rude, and arrogant with much avariciousness." -  not Vitruvius (Education of an Architect #7)


"Parametrics not only determines form but is form itself." - not Mies van der Rohe (With Infinite Slowness Arises the Great Form)


"All are architects. Architecture is everything." - not Hans Hollein (Everything is Architecture)

Oct 22, 16 6:31 pm

"...respect context..." - not Rem Koolhaas (S,M,L,XL)


kidding, that quote's been taken out of context way too often I thought I might take a jab at it

Oct 22, 16 7:22 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

nice ones archie and Q.

Oct 23, 16 11:03 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

not sure I can follow-up the amazingly humorous posts by Q and archie (i did LOL, which probably makes me an architect geek) but I will continue...


"The End of the Classical: The End of the Beginning, the End of the End, The Beginning of the End, The End was the End, then the End was the Beginning, and then the Beginning became the Ends, which is not the End, but rather Ends to the Beginning of the End of the Beginning. " not Peter Eisenman  link to actual text

Oct 23, 16 5:26 pm

Ok what about this:

"Pay no heed to details" - Not mies/whoever that came up with that quote

Oct 24, 16 1:18 pm

Ornament is mighty fine! - Marc Foster Gage (note: did not actually say this, except in my mind.)(Loos)

Oct 24, 16 9:34 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

archanon, you got me thinkging

"Ornament is not a crime!" - not Adolf Loos

Oct 24, 16 10:06 pm

main street sucks - not venturi

Oct 24, 16 10:07 pm

don't be naive - not bucky fuller

Oct 24, 16 10:08 pm

"We shape our BIM model and afterwards our BIM models shape us." - Not Winston Churchill.

Oct 25, 16 2:44 pm

the small is the message. Marshall McLuhan

Oct 25, 16 9:35 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

"You can say, like like, planet Earth has an existing mojo, and what we do as human beings and as architects is that we try to sort of alter and modify and expand the mojo." - not Bjarke Ingels

Oct 27, 16 11:47 pm

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