Detail for concrete site slab for industrial use

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I am designing a factory for a student project and I am after a construction detail for a site slab outside the building. This is a slab on which trucks and other heavy duty vehicles run on. 

I haven't managed to find any details on the internet.

How do I look up a detail like this? How is this kind of slab called anyways? Is a concrete slab usually used in this case or do I just need a build up of asphalt on aggregate?

Can you suggest a detail?

Sep 30, 16 2:13 pm
x intern
Look up concrete paving. I hope you're early in your schooling
Sep 30, 16 2:28 pm  · 

call it 8" of concrete over adequate fill

put concrete where the truck tires will be and were truck tires are turning.  the rest can be asphalt.

Sep 30, 16 2:55 pm  · 

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