Hypothetically, could the architecture industry boycott Trump?


I know this went largely overlooked by the media, but the comment about Trump's habit for stiffing his workers and architects in particular because "maybe they didn't do a good job" really bothered me. It got me wondering, would there be a way to boycott Trump or a Trump like developer in the profession, in that no architect would accept projects from them due to some shady practices like stiffing the architects?


Also, does anyone know stories of something like this happening? Through the AIA maybe?

Sep 27, 16 9:25 pm

Quote from one of NJ's largest electrical contractors, who i worked with personally:  " yeah, trump might have screwed me on a project or two but, i made a ton of money with Trump".  

I might be paraphrasing...

Be no ones debt-slave, live a modest life and have all the integrity you want...

Sep 27, 16 10:10 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

Architects need to use contracts that protect them from the sharks like Trump, and stop work immediately if the shark doesn't keep their end of the contractual bargain.   

And get a big retainer.

Sep 28, 16 1:00 am

Or just sneak in clever things like this

Sep 28, 16 1:33 am

Architects need to use contracts that protect them from the sharks like Trump, and stop work immediately if the shark doesn't keep their end of the contractual bargain.   

Often doesn't matter. Your contract can be iron clad.  They know how much it cost to litigate and the risk, and I'd imagine someone like Trump has several attorneys on retainer to do just that.  

Easiest way to deal with it is to know the risks and plan accordingly.  

Sep 28, 16 9:34 am

have fun boycotting. i mean we just have clients knocking on our doors for work. 

Sep 28, 16 9:47 am

like a sex offender list for unethical developers? sure, that's what AIA is for right? 

Sep 28, 16 10:13 am
Wood Guy

The rich know that the price is never really the price. Everything is for sale, everything can be negotiated. I prefer working with people who share my working-class values but the rich have the money.

Sep 28, 16 10:30 am

wood guy- tell me if you hold the same views when you actually do have the money... money changes people one way or another...

Sep 28, 16 12:32 pm

yes, architects could boycott trump - but for every architect that did, 10 would be willing to do the job for half price.

Sep 28, 16 1:07 pm

Any kind of official boycott would be illegal, and couldn't work anyway since not all architects are in the AIA or whatever group would put the boycott together.  The only solution is cutting down the number of architects in total so that we would have supply and demand more on our side.  Anyone know of a way to do that?  Didn't think so.

The grapevine is probably the best defense.

Sep 28, 16 1:24 pm

Contracts and well phased payments are the only defense.  

Sep 28, 16 2:05 pm

Yes. I think you all should boycott Trump. I'm happy to take one for the team and accept all those projects you are rejecting.

Sep 28, 16 2:15 pm

Count me in chief


bulgar, i think we need to test that theory.  give me piles of money, and we'll see if it changes me.

Sep 28, 16 2:52 pm

Don't accept work from a developer whose business name is "Project Name, LLC"

Sep 28, 16 3:06 pm

StachitectAlpha, even more so if the business name is "company name, 2016" because you won't have much luck when they close and become "company name, 2017".  I've heard of a construction company here that does that every year.

Sep 28, 16 3:47 pm

Honestly can't think of any large scale project that  we've collected all of our fees as per contract. Additional services have been particularly vulnerable to negotiations or out right not getting paid for them. Gotta be thankful that you have projects and that you're making money overall. 

Sep 28, 16 4:06 pm

Gwharton, it is singularly appalling that you are a Trump supporter. 

Sep 28, 16 6:20 pm

Haven't we been through this already? Still bitter I see

I do.

Sep 13, 17 11:12 am
null pointer

Boycotting Trump is boycotting the largest developers in the city that actually do pay their bills and treat architects fairly.

Trump is just a name.

The premise of this question is based on a big lack of information on how TrumpOrg runs these days.

Sep 13, 17 11:18 am

I boycott the branding, and also commercial air travel

I would do a project for Melania if she promises not to speak.

Sep 13, 17 12:09 pm

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