Internship BIG CPH


hey people,

Does anyone know how is it working as an intern in BIG Copenhagen Office? I mean hours/salary/working environment...

Does anyone know if it's a good place to work as an intern?

Thank you.

Aug 7, 16 1:44 pm

I've only heard good things about working in Copenhagen.

Aug 7, 16 3:17 pm

Thank you so much! Does anyone know anything else??

Aug 10, 16 6:54 pm

Hi guys,

I have recently got internship position at BIG architects at Copenhagen office as a landscape architect. Was wondering if someone of you might have heard or know anything/anyone who has worked or done an internship at BIG. Would appreciate any relevant information 

Jul 12, 18 3:34 am

Did you check their BIG Archinect profile?


Yes I have. However It was only generic information, while I’m trying to find out more about internship

Jul 12, 18 7:46 am

On their profile there's also a list of Archinect-people that work(ed) there, maybe they could be of some use...

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