Homelss Party/Media Center Kiosk

Olaf Design Ninja_

Every week morning and evenings I walk by these kiosks on 8th ave and after a while realized these were communal for the homeless and just started taking pics.  (add yours here if you have them, I will keep posting)

Photos I wish I had shot: A person passed out on top of a sideways laying plastic news stand and the Kiosk noted "out of service" .  Another, 4-5 guys drinking and having a party.

The official website on these is LinkNYC  - contrast these with the (marketing) images on the website. 

Jul 1, 16 6:15 pm

why do you want to take their pic?

Jul 2, 16 9:27 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

hmmmm....strang, if not dumb question you see the purpose of this post on an architecural webite was to show how a public multi media kiosk is actually being used based on the people using them. pretty sure a drawing or just text would not have made the case.

Jul 2, 16 9:51 am

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