Computer Science or Architecture?


Im a 21 year old student. I did a year in BA Architecture at a good university in the UK and passed the year but then I decided to drop out and do BSc Computer Science at a bad university in the UK. Well it's not bad but it isn't good. I'm about to finish first year of BSc Computer Science but I'm confused.

I don't know whether to continue with Architecture or Computer Science. I LOVE Architecture way more than Computer Science but when it comes down to my grades, I excelled in Computer Science whereas I did mediocre in my first year of Architecture. I have the option to continue onto second year of either Architecture or Computer Science but I don't know which one to do at all... 

I was thinking to either go down the Architecture route completely, the Computer Science route completely, or try and combine both fields? If so, how would I go about this? I've heard that architects who can program are sought after nowadays as it's apparently the future of architecture? (Sorry if I'm wrong I've heard this) I was also thinking if it was possible to do a masters in Architecture after my bachelors in Computer Science but I don't know whether that's possible or not.. please excuse me if I come across as stupid I need clarification.

Can someone maybe help me in deciding? I'd appreciate any help.

May 1, 16 9:25 pm

Go for computers if you're good at it.  Architecture might seem fun to you during uni but the real workplace is not all sunny.  You'll be kicking yourself when you have to arrange tiles and toilet layout while getting paid a measly hourly rate xD   You could do your masters in architecture if you decide not to pursue computers anymore.  You could even do an arch thesis related to architecture and computers.  I know some on here have gotten into American uni for Masters having a computer undergrad.  Just make sure you work on creative projects on the side and slowly build your portfolio.

A tip from my brother who has worked for firms like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon... Don't mention you're a computer science major if you can... Always say you're a software developer if possible.  Even though the two might do similar work, computer science applicants are usually sent to the bottom of the pile, pushed aside or take a big pay cut.

Other than that, good luck.  You'll get paid 80-100k right after graduation if you can get your foot into one of the bigger IT firms.

May 1, 16 10:00 pm  · 

I agree with accesskb. Go for the CS degree imo and take design electives for a portfolio. In the future you can pursue an M.ARCH program but you'll always have the CS degree to fall back on, and a solid career path if architecture doesn't work out for you.  You could also try to pursue a sw development role at one of the big CAD software companies post graduation. Could you see yourself developing plugins for architectural software programs? I imagine that could be quite lucrative. 

I am in a similar position in that my background is in IT, and I've worked in the field for 5+ years. This fall I will be pursuing an M.ARCH at Georgia Tech. I chose that school because of its obvious strengths in technology and CS. I am hoping to keep my tech skills up to date while pursuing architecture. Good luck!!

May 4, 16 10:54 pm  · 

Go for the compute science degree and you can focus on design within the field, it's way more satisfying. I myself am thinking of going into CS.

May 5, 16 4:07 am  · 

You can be an "architect" in both meanings of the word.

May 5, 16 8:18 am  · 
Why do you all make it sounds like architecture isn't real sunny on the inside? I'm just getting ready to start my B.Arch degree at Academy of Art University. Is the job not as nice as it seems?
May 5, 16 10:42 am  · 

Nope it is not, what ever you do don't go into debt for architecture at AA for your B.arch.

May 5, 16 10:51 am  · 
So the degree is really that worthless at AAU?
There's just nothing else online for a B.Arch. I'm in the navy and can't do on site courses
May 5, 16 11:04 am  · 

Then get out if the Navy (stay in the paid Reserves) and use your HARD-EARNED GI Bill benefits and go to a real school and get a real degree in a career field that interests you and that will provide a decent living for yourself and your family.

May 5, 16 11:13 am  · 

Stevens Institute of Technology.

May 5, 16 11:15 am  · 

@ dhummel


I agree with what volunteer is saying. 

on top of that it seems like AAU is a scam. A lot of online schools and for profit universities will go after people in the military for those tuition befits you guys receive. the second tab on the AAU website is a military tab. 

With architecture you really need to be in studio about 5-8 hours a day 4-7 days a week. I think the least amount of time i spent in a studio was 18 hours a week and the most i spent in studio was i lived in studio (what a waste of rent money having an apartment that semester). 

May 5, 16 1:37 pm  · 

Yes do engineering also ! Architecture is a pain I was also in the military and I still do not make what I made in the military I went to graduate school after the military and a few years and a bunch of money. My friends from the military got out and either stayed flying, went into engineering, or went to work for the government. Plus my military job was so much cooler (besides deploying all the time)than my architecture job and I worked at some pretty desirable firms that everyone wants to work at. Now I am just a poor desk jockey architecture slave it is quite miserable I would not waste your time on this career and do somethin else in computers, engineering or be a pilot in the civilian world .

May 5, 16 10:16 pm  · 

go with computer science because when you cannot find job with architecture or computer degree, with computer degree you can at least use  what you learned in school and start your own website blog or software program to make money

May 8, 16 2:44 pm  · 

Computer science is being more and more integrated into architecture anyways that I once heard Thome Mayne mention that to accomplish some of the things he wants he'd sooner hire someone in comp sci. Really everything in architecture nowadays is so computer heavy that to be able to understand the language gives you a leg up in this industry as well as every other industry out there.  

May 9, 16 11:39 pm  · 

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