Any architect who pursued study in Project Management?


I'm considering to take master's degree in project management (#skip all the contemplating moment).

Does anyone had the experience on taking project management course? I want  to discuss about how project management will affect our future career.. Does project management course really provide us with the knowledge about cash flow, investment, and how projects are financed? (At least those are what listed on the course description)

Or is it only provide us with brief or general idea of it?

I heard that real estate finance provide more in depth knowledge about it.. Or those are two things that really different?

Thank you

Mar 29, 16 9:57 pm

I've tinkered with the same idea since I've been doing a lot more management than design lately. However, PM degrees don't seem to give you any tools that you can't learn through practice. 

If you're interested an academic approach start with basic accounting to get up to speed. A master of finance degree would certainly help you put yourself in the owner shoes. Some are as short as one year full-time or two years part-time. 

Mar 30, 16 3:31 am

I'm super skeptical about this unless you already have experience in construction.  The absolute worst project managers that I've every worked with are experts in creating schedules and managing budgets, but have no idea at all what any of it means.  Firms like JLL pump these folks out of their training programs and deliver them to clients who often go halfway through the project before anyone realizes they have no idea what they are doing.  Actual, meaningful project management involves problem solving and prioritization that can't be done without experience.

Mar 30, 16 3:49 am
Chad Miller

I have to agree with this. My wife is pursuing her masters in PM. The classes are a wide reaching overview of the PM process not associated with any particular industry. You need to have experience in your industry combined with a PM degree for it to be worthwhile.


@LITS4FormZ: I'm thinking about that also, I guess I should hear from those who already gain the degree to find out more.. Can I know your position in the office? Are you a project architect too?

@Janosh: Indeed, experience is the most essential thing to become a (good) project manager.. On the other hand, most project management position ask for a degree in management or real estate .. Now in a small firm I am doing half designing and half managing, so I guess this will be difficult for me to learn managing project if I still got busy by designing..

Mar 30, 16 5:55 am

If you want PM training, you're much better off going through one of the certification programs out there ( Doing it as a graduate degree is pointless and expensive.

Mar 30, 16 12:48 pm

I guess you mean diploma right?


If you are interested in looking at: cash flow, investment, and how projects are financed, an MRED would be better for you. If you just want project management training, a Certificate in Project Management and obtaining your PMP will be very helpful. 

If you are looking at ways to change project management or to solve specific project management type problems that occur in the industry, then the masters is the way to go.

What do you intend to do after you are done with your Masters in Project Management? Do you intend to teach? Do you want to work for a Project Management Consultancy?

Mar 30, 16 11:44 pm

@gwharton: Hm, thanks for the link, I should think about this thoroughly

@gdub: Honestly, I aim to work with developer company as a project manager, thus, they need people who had graduated from business/real estate/management.. (I don't think project management course is the same as pure management it?)

I found out that many universities offering MSc in real estate and MSc in Project management..  I don't plan to apply for MBA in finance or real estate (mostly because I think its more general and not necessarily related to my experience.. and I also had to take GMAT (I had low GRE :(), and also business plan and proper recommendation letter which could strengthened my reason of taking MBA..

Or should I pushed myself to the MBA? :(

Mar 31, 16 3:45 am

Doarch, I'm an Associate who is "acting Project Design Principal." Can't get the title for a couple more years(politics). 

Apr 4, 16 2:08 am

A Certificate or Degree in Project Management is the wrong way to go. Choose an MRED program or MBA. The MBA will be the fastest route to a VP position. Also, ULI(Urban Land Institute) has some good classes on Proformas and such. I would recommend going that way. Is your undergrad in Architecture? What do you want to do for the Developer? You could apply and get a Development Assistant or Development Coordinator role without the additional education and then just learn about that additional stuff on the job. A PM program is good but it won't get you the job with the developer. The MRED program would increase your chances. Good luck with everything! 

Apr 20, 16 2:17 am


Aug 13, 18 12:59 pm

I'm also thinking along thesame lines. The only viable competition I've seen to Project management is an MBA. 

However, my undergrad is in Architecture, so a general MBA might not enable me utilize the best of my experience, qualifications and expertise..... Or so I think

Oct 15, 18 10:51 am

I wonder if LITS4FormZ  ever got that title?

Oct 15, 18 12:52 pm

Yup, I did get that title. Except it's Design Manager. ;)

Oct 15, 18 5:57 pm

Hey! It's the same with me. I've completed my b.arch and wish to pursue m.arch in project management. But is there really a masters degree course for project management in architecture? Or is my only option getting a PMP certification? 

I'm confused as I'm new to this and have no clue how to go about it. I do not think pursuing an MBA in management would be the right choice for me and neither do I wish to take up project management. So does anybody know if there is a dedicated course for what I wish to pursue and has anybody done it already? 

Aug 16, 19 2:20 am

There are construction management programs out there.  note that something as specific as pm in architecture is going to be difficult for a school to maintain due to the small target audience.

Aug 16, 19 12:09 pm

Hmm, perhaps you don't have to go for another degree to do this.  I can share my own experience. 

I used an architect in an EAC company, but the firm let me convert to PM role within the company.  As a PM here, I am to oversee, budget, people in all disciplines (not just arch), schedule, and client relationships.  The company placed me on a development program to train me as a PM.  I was given a list of classes to take and eventually PMP certificate courses without spending my money.  

I guess pursuing a CM degree would be one way, but there are opportunities at construction firms where you can start as a project engineer, design manager, associate PM, then eventually PM position.  I did interview at few GC companies few years ago who valued my background as an architect and an arch PM, so they offered me a Design/Project manager role.  With construction booming nowadays, I think there are lot of similar opportunities for you.  I wish you luck. 

Aug 18, 19 5:57 pm

Congrats Litz!  Way to move up.

Aug 19, 19 7:55 am

One small firm I worked at sent all of their mid-level staff to this prior to giving them PM duties (usually under a senior staff); it seemed to be very effective.

Aug 19, 19 12:32 pm

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