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Good morning all,

I work for a small architecture & interior design office based out of Miami, FL, that has made changes to the project management process from simple Windows filing & QuickBooks for invoicing to an all-inclusive Accounting/Project Management/Reporting software - ArchiOffice. We have been using AO to report time and create invoices but we have some difficulty in implementing the document creation & project management aspects of the system.

Has any firm had strong success with implementing ArchiOffice as it pertains to project management and documents? I've attended webinars on the topic with the AO team, and honestly it hasn't been very helpful. I'd love to hear from any one who has implemented ArchiOffice in their firm. I want to know the good AND the bad that others have faced. How did you overcome any difficulties you have faced with AO? Unfortunately it has been a frustrating year trying to do it all at once and we have reverted to using the Project Management practices that were in place before the big move - Windows Explorer and Office for document creation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mar 11, 16 6:57 pm

We switched from Quickbooks to BillQuick last year, and now to Core.  Still using MS Office for documents.  The transition has been VERY difficult just for the books.  Our bookkeeper called us this week to complain.  I'm about to give the BQE an ultimatum to either teach us how to use the accounting system smoothly and accurately, or to pay us to re-convert our data back to something useful.  We're really struggling.

Jan 13, 18 9:32 pm

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