Where is the Glass Block Wall house (Horiuchi House) located?


Does anybody know where Tadao Ando's Glass Block Wall house (Horiuchi House) is located in Japan? 

I am trying to find it on Google maps, hopefully to get an idea of the site it is located in. 

Thanks :)

Mar 8, 16 12:46 am
Non Sequitur

You're not very bright, correct?

Simple google search will tell you it's in Osaka, Tezukayama region.

Mar 8, 16 8:58 am
Non Sequitur

People like me just fine. Lazy people I don't care for.


I am not that stupid. 

I know it is in that location. I am trying to find out where exactly it is located in that area...

Mar 8, 16 9:06 pm
You may just have to go find it. Most firms don't list addresses for housing commissions.

For example, I had no clue of where one of Ando's houses in Chicago is located besides the neighborhood and ended up walking by it on the way to an ex girlfriends place one day a couple years ago.
Mar 9, 16 12:03 am

I'm looking also for the wall house ( matsumoto house in Ashiya ) but it is too difficult to find these houses if there isn't a clear clue in the texts.

I've manager to find the Iwasa house referring to the literature but for those two houses,  there are no clear description.

If by any luck someone who visited these houses or live there, I'll be more than grateful for a help too.

Jul 6, 16 12:39 pm

If it could help, Concerning the wall house( matsumoto house), it doesn't exist anymore apparently.  As for the Glass Block Wall house, no Idea . 

Oct 21, 16 8:13 am

If anyone is still interested, here's what Horiuchi house looks like today.

and for comparaison 

For the existing/non existing ando buidlings look for the japenese wikipedia page on Tadao andõ

Dec 28, 17 3:37 pm


Im also looking for the house’s exact location? 

How did you find it? 


Mar 7, 18 9:59 am

If you click on "Map/Aerial view" it will show you exactly where it is located.

Mar 7, 18 2:03 pm

zoomed in:

Mar 7, 18 2:17 pm

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