Help! Access hatch and folding stairs to residential roof needed


First time posting here. I'd appreciate if anyone knows of an access hatch with folding stairs to an unoccupied residential roof that can be used in the city of L.A. All my research online has not yielded any results. Has anyone ever come across one that is allowed in the city of L.A.? The access is only for maintenance and not for an occupied roof. I've seen one recently on a new home but I didn't get the manufacturer's name. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

Feb 5, 16 3:31 pm
Non Sequitur

Why does it need folding stairs? Would a regular roof hatch accessed on occasion with a portable ladder do the trick?

Feb 5, 16 3:42 pm  · 
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not familiar with LA codes, not sure this will work, but there's plenty of companies doing it.

Feb 5, 16 3:43 pm  · 

Thanks for your quick responses. After more research and the manuf. link contact, a standard roof hatch with a seperate roof ladder should be okay. Just to be sure I'm going to back to the new house where I saw it and verify the manuf, and if it's one unit that combines both or they are seperate parts. Folding is useful to save space. Home Depot sell wood folding access ladder for the roof. I am also thinking that since it's just for maintenance it does not need to be fire rated or meet the rise/run criteira. Maybe this will work with a standard roof hatch sized to cover the ladder. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

Feb 5, 16 4:01 pm  · 

Try Bilco...

Feb 5, 16 4:02 pm  · 
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An occupied roof?

Sep 23, 21 6:00 am  · 

Roof-top studio, open concept, $3200/mo

Sep 24, 21 4:35 pm  · 

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