Master of Architecutre studies Sweden. KTH, Lund or Chalmers ?!

Samar H

Hi all,

I am a graduate architect from Sudan. I want to apply for master degree in Architecture in Sweden. I was wondering if you can advice me which university should I apply to as a priority from your experience and knowledge. I am a little confused between KTH, Lund & Chalmers.

I was planning at first to apply at KTH as a first priority but after I came across an article ( ) that is low crediting the university, I changed my mind, although it is highly ranked in architecture according to qs world rank.

Lund seems to be very good, but it has the highest number of students. Which means I will have a less chance of being accepted & getting a scholarship since tuition fee is so high for me.

Chalmers seems good and I like the program structure, but am not sure how they are addressing the Urban design part, since it is an MSC in architecture & urban design.

I would like to get an idea from the inside perhaps an alumni or an architect from Sweden would advice me best.

So if you can please give me your ranking as 1 , 2, 3 and why you think it is best ?!

I am more interested in the design process and conceptual thinking, rather than technical aspects and sustainability.

Will be waiting for your feedback



Jan 13, 16 2:59 pm
Samar H

Hi Guys ! Any one's Advice plz !!

Jan 14, 16 11:29 am  · 
1  · 

Oh I have got the same issue. What did you decide finally?

Jun 5, 20 7:16 am  · 

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